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Ah, the sneakily dangerous Blackwell Hill Road.

Does it, of its own volition, throw in curves where there were none before or narrow up to one lane or turn into a muddy track? No, it just sits there, signed on both ends of any curves, inert, unmoving and apparently unloved.

If necessary, add a few more traffic control/warning signs and leave it alone. If you follow this idea of straightening out any curvy road that has accidents occur on it, we will eventually have nothing but straightaways. Then what will we blame when we don't pay attention or drive impaired or distracted? — Mel Beaty, Medford

Recently I learned that the MAA and the Forest Service are at it again. With the mindless determination of the undead, they lurch grimly toward their disastrous and completely impractical goal of expanding the ski area into pristine forest.

Like zombies in a B movie, they will stop at nothing; yet, they must be stopped.

The Mount Ashland ski expansion proposes to build roads in the McDonald Peak Roadless Area, disturb protected wetlands and decimate habitat known to shelter the endangered Pacific fisher, one of the remaining two native populations of this rare creature on the entire West Coast.

What is at stake in this zombie attack on our watershed? Biodiversity, old-growth forests, the integrity of roadless areas, water quality and the chance to avoid an economic nightmare. Now is not the time to say, "I thought the expansion was a dead issue." We need to stop the zombies who would continue unchecked on this senseless and needless path of destruction.

To learn more, go to mountashland.com. — Shelley Elkovich, Ashland

I enjoyed reading the recent "Since You Asked" question abut the possible eruption of Roxy Ann Peak, and the discussion that should put our minds at ease.

That reminded me of the mention in "Roadside Geology of Oregon" by David D. Als and Donald W. Hyndman, that of those peaks in the Cascades, the most likely to erupt is Mount McLoughlin. And these authors should be taken seriously — they predicted the eruption of Mount St. Helens before it happened. — Jim Verdieck, Medford

It is good that the tea party activists are so concerned about our taxation levels. May we pray they are not proposing to cut taxes without also cutting federal spending.

Former Presidents Reagan, Bush I and II cut taxes without corresponding spending cuts, resulting in huge federal deficits that we still cope with today, and placing trillions of dollars in the hands of overseas governments. No! This cannot be a good outcome for patriots, since the lion's share of the federal budget goes to just three items, Social Security, Medicare and defense spending.

I am hoping that, at the next tea party celebration, I shall see signs reading "No Social Security and Medicare until 70" and "Cut Pentagon spending by 50 Percent." Realistically, these cuts are our only hope for cutting taxes without raising the deficit. — Marc Heritage, Rogue River