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President Obama and the rest of us who are in touch with the real world will undoubtedly stop repeating that "Bush-n-buddies" handed the people of the United States a, for many years to come, "royal Bush mess" when and if the "Bushies" get around to admitting that "Bush-n-buddies" handed the people of the United States a, for many years to come, "royal Bush mess!" — Jack Dennis, Medford

Thank goodness Curt Ankerberg is aware and cares about the overspending being proposed for a water park. As mentioned, replacing two pools would be a fraction of the cost, plus fills the needs of those who could afford $2 for the pleasure of using the pools.

Our valley is really hit hard on too many projects by the Medford City Council. No to the water park proposal. — June Roady, Medford

Voters for Jackson County commissioner have a great choice in Don Skundrick. Don has lived in the valley for more than 50 years. He is a man of high integrity and energy. Don's awareness of the needs of the people in Jackson County is exceptional.

Previously, Don worked for LTM (now Knife River). His years of business experience provided Don with the background to know what it takes to keep projects operating on target.

For several years, I served on a committee chaired by Don and observed first-hand his exceptional leadership. He is a unique individual because he listens to all sides of an issue before cutting through the nonsense and arriving at a decision.

Among Don's strong points are his dedication to improving employment and educational opportunities for the citizens of Jackson County.

Don Skundrick stands out among the candidates as a great choice for Jackson County commissioner. — Ed Houghton, Ashland

I love reading "100 Years" and especially on April 19. We found a piece of the "missing puzzle" to our family heritage.

My father, Stan Smith, told me a story he recently recalled his grandmother telling him when he was young about her sister throwing her son off a runaway wagon to save his life and then she was thrown off and killed. With his family gone, we couldn't corroborate his story until now! He remembered it being in Sams Valley (the story says near the Table Rock schoolhouse). The article is very close to what he remembered.

Adding to the story, in the early 1950s dad took us to visit a distant relative of his who had a ranch near Redmond. It was Willie Byrum, the little 2-year-old boy thrown from the wagon 44 years prior!

"100 Years" is so interesting as our family dates back to the 1870s in this valley and names are always appearing we have heard of. I hope this column will continue in the future for us to read about our past. Please support the SOHS Research Library reopening the week of May 4; these newspapers are there for your perusal. — Dana Smith Tuley, Medford

I hate to admit that it amused me to read the paper recently and see that hypocrisy has reared its head in Ashland, again.

The liberal mantra of "we are perfect and know what's good for you" fell on deaf ears within their own enclave. Racial discrimination by landlords. The fact that the sampling was small is of no significance — it's still there. We'll vote for you but don't ask to live here. — P. Moran, Medford