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We live on the river and have seen 19 dredgers in our back yard at one time with the noise for hours.

No one seems to be addressing what the homeowners are going through with fouled irrigation pumps from the silt and gravel the dredgers are kicking up or that we, too, pay large amounts of taxes, buy food, use gas and probably outspend the out-of-state and -town dredgers per year.

We have seen the dredgers tie up to our property and use our bushes for the bathroom. Do we not have reason for wanting the dredgers gone, too?

We have a son fighting brain cancer and we cannot take him out to view the river for the noise. Where are our rights?

I ask you dredgers, how would you and your family like listening to several dredgers for hours? We enjoy watching the rafters and recreational boats pass by, but they are not ruining our property values.

Find a place that is not in front of someone's home. I don't believe you would want us to use your backyard for hours, with loud motors going where you could not take your family outside. — Sharon Smith, Gold Hill

Froma Harrop in her Sept. 3 column asserts that the Obama administration protects the little guy. She points at the financial plutocrats (investment bankers, billionaires, etc.) as the bad guys, and asserts that the government is protecting the little guy by trying to regulate them (and by inference medical care/providers as well).

This view is nothing short of naive if not knowingly deceptive, as it is clear that this administration is intent on enslaving the "little guy" to generations of tax obligations, debt, deficits and nanny state management.

If the government was really for the "little guy" it would be trimming its ranks, simplifying its laws and regulations, returning to its constitutional mandates and eliminating "career" politicians in favor of true public servants.

Nice try, no cigar, Ms. Harrop. — Raymond Smith, Central Point

What difference does it make whether we rent a house an apartment or an airplane? While we pay the rent it is ours.

If I am renting a house from Mr. Brown and wish to invite you to dinner, would I say: "Come over to Mr. Brown's house for dinner?" No, I would ask you to come to my house for dinner!

If I am renting a car and offer to drive you home, would I say: "Let me drive you home in the Avis rent a car?" No, I would offer to drive you home in my car. Should I get fined for that? Apparently so!

I hope the lawyer for Mercy Flight will pursue this to the logical outcome and reimbursements for Mercy Flights. — H. Seeman, Medford

Is Roger Linhart actually serious about wanting compensation for the noise (of Interstate 5 work)? The man has chosen to live right off the freeway, and has railroad tracks right by his house. And he wants compensation for the noise the crews are making? People just never cease to amaze me.

I think the Mail Tribune could find something more newsworthy for the front page. — Sharyn "Jinx" Arthur, Gold Hill

I am writing in support of Jeff Golden for county commissioner. It is very impressive that Jeff is accepting donations from individuals only. He is not soliciting any donations from unions, corporations or political action committees. This way he can work for you, the people of Jackson County, not special interest groups.

This is unlike his opponent, Don Skundrick, who is getting out-of-state donations.

Jeff will work to keep jobs in the county, plus he supports small businesses, whom we all depend upon.

Please, vote for Jeff Golden. — Lynda Stevenson, Medford