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election LETTERS

As a member of Stand for Children, I thoroughly support our state organization's endorsement of Sen. Alan Bates, M.D., for re-election because he understands that the strength of our economy is directly related to the health of our schools.

Those of us who have attended a town hall meeting hosted by Sen. Bates or met with him personally know we are fortunate to have a state senator with his command of the issues. His direct approach to negotiations and his leadership in fashioning bipartisan legislative solutions and programs merit our strong support for returning him to the state Senate.

Sen. Bates has worked his way into a leadership role in the state Senate and on legislative committees. By using these skills, he has delivered actual investments into Oregon's classrooms — an investment that is desperately needed for our students.

We are fortunate to have Senator Bates' respected leadership and service. — Katie Tso, Medford

Drew Hymer's Sept. 21 letter had valid, credible points, especially on abortion. Greg Kord, Constitution Party candidate for Oregon governor, is 100 percent pro-life.

Oregonians must send a clear message to our elected state and federal officials, "We have had enough! Restore the republic now, and get back to the basics of why you were elected as clearly spelled out in our U.S. Constitution."

As Oregon governor, Kord's focus will be re-establishing state sovereignty, securing our borders, limiting our government, incubating a "private sector-friendly state," restoring our economy, protecting innocent life and gun rights, reforming PERS, and improving Oregon's education.

Learn more about Greg Kord at www.gregkord.com and www.constitutionpartyoregon.net. Let's vote in Constitution Party candidates for a change in the Nov. 2 general election. The socialist two-party "Democrat/Republican" monopoly and stranglehold must end! — James A. Farmer, Ashland, chairman, Constitution Party for Jackson County

From philosopher George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Do you remember two years ago? After two terms of George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress, we had impending financial collapse — largely due to inadequate government oversight.

Most of the prominent Republican presidential candidates in 2008 were just going through the motions — assuming whoever inherited the mess couldn't last more than one term. Barack Obama and our state Democrats had the guts and patriotism to step up to save our country from disaster — and restore the middle class. It's a slow recovery, but moving in the right direction! The Republicans have put party above country in opposing virtually everything Obama has tried.

A vote for any Republican running for Congress will be a vote to reinstate John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Do you want the fox guarding the henhouse again? — Roy Sutton, Ashland

I applaud Greg Walden for going to bat on behalf of Mercy Flights as reported in MT. But I wonder why he won't go to bat for Oregonians every day?

Walden didn't go to bat for seniors — he voted against lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Or for small business owners — he voted against tax breaks for them. Or for teachers, nurses, firefighters, and police — he voted against an emergency jobs bill. Why didn't Walden go to bat for homeowners? He voted against regulating the sub-prime mortgage industry and did not support homeowners facing foreclosure.

According to his voting record, Greg Walden is batting for Wall Street banks, voting to give them $800 billion. And big oil companies, voting against regulating off-shore drilling.

Greg Walden used "In-District Work Days" campaigning for Republicans in the Deep South.

On November 2nd, vote for Joyce Segers. She will go to bat for Oregonians. — Carol Jo Pettit, Talent

Twenty years ago I moved to this beautiful valley. That's when I discovered Jeff Golden and observed his character and commitment to the values that I share with him.

Above all, he has demonstrated leadership in bringing persons with differing opinions to participate in rational discussions based on ideas and issues. His natural acceptance of diversity and his passion for equality are qualities I wish to emulate.

Please join with me and support his run for Jackson County commissioner. His election would give all of the residents of this wonderful place a sense of pride and hope for the future. — Don Kleinhesselink, Medford