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I am shocked, shocked I say, at Richard Boucher's recent allegation in the guest opinion column to the effect that Jacksonville's residents average 65 years of age. In fact, I resent it. I, too, am a 10-year resident of Jacksonville. Come to think of it, I resemble that allegation. Plus some.

Perhaps that would explain the recent classified ad in the local newspaper: "Winning Smile: Active grandmother with original teeth seeking a dedicated flosser to share rare steaks, corn on the cob and caramel candy."

Now, that should serve as adequate warning to any whippersnappers out there that Jacksonville is not a desirable place to live and rear young children, and to stay the hell away. — Jay Halverson, Jacksonville

Imagine my surprise when I read Tuesday morning's "Our View," that the MT has successfully conducted and closed the investigation on last Saturday's tragic shooting in Tucson. By determining "the reason for this attack was one person's mental illness, not anything he might have read on the Internet, heard on talk radio or watched on cable television."

The federal investigators as well as the Arizona local investigator's must be so pleased that their job is done. Additionally, I am certain they are holding their breath to next read what the MT has decided Jared Lee Loughner's sentence shall be "… I am appalled at the MT's arrogance. — Robin E. Brown, Medford

I wrote once before prior to the November elections to say what Oregon could expect if Republicans are in charge.

Here's another example. The Arizona Daily Star and David Fitzsimmons, its political cartoonist, recently issued an apology for his comment to the media on Saturday after the tragic occurrence. In so many words, he said it's to be expected in a state of gun-happy people who still think it's the old West, etc.

It is rather obvious that David Fitzsimmons was coerced into offering an apology for speaking what is clearly the truth. Also so clear to this ex-Arizonan is that the left-leaning public figures are always censored for speaking the truth, but the right in the form of Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Glenn Beck, etc., is never criticized for its outrageous lies, such as Palin's "death panels."

Frankly, my immediate reaction after hearing the news Saturday morning was to call for the indictment of Palin and her ilk as a co-conspirator, or at the very least, incitement to violence. I have since read many commentaries that confirm my view. Will it happen? Never! — Hanni Rose, Medford

I saw a poll that 42 percent of Americans feel less secure then last year. More families are poorer, using food stamps, energy assistance, lacking health insurance and having little or no savings.

The 2010 census shows the slowest population growth since the 1930s. From 1999-2009, family health insurance premium costs grew 131 percent. State and local governments' revenue has stabilized, leaving huge budget gaps to fill ($110 billion). Gaps will cause employee loss and a drag on economic growth for 2011.

Corporations created 1.4 jobs overseas for every one job created here because of lack of demand. The economy needs to add 125,000 per month just to offset population growth, so we need 325,000 jobs per month to get this unemployment level down over three years.

Republicans are back pushing policies that nearly pushed us into Depression. Any economic boost from the tax cuts (costing $900 billion) will be offset by budget cuts. The danger of austerity plans by world governments will slow growth, cut tax revenue and slow reduction in the deficits. Can Asian countries continue to grow with the rest of the world slowing down? So do you feel secure? — Art Gerds Jr., Yreka, Calif.

"Violent" is the one word that best describes the head-on collision that my friend Jim Ulrich and I survived last Friday. In a split second, the out-of-control truck was in our lane, and our lives were about to be changed.

With 60 years of combined public service between us, two retired police officers were suddenly "being handled," not handling, this emergency.

I would like to thank the unknown citizen heroes who chose to lend a hand instead of passing by. It did not escape me that they extricated my friend from a burning vehicle and extinguished the fire.

I applaud the Jackson County sheriff's deputies, firefighters, Mercy Flight medics, and the ER staff at Providence Hospital for their knowledgeable and professional care. Each action taken was proceeded by a detailed description of what they were about to do. This comforted and calmed my fears.

I feel very blessed to have survived this violence and very happy to report that the Rogue Valley residents are being well cared for. — Don Sherwood, Shady Cove

We're visiting Phoenix, Ariz. School started up last week.

It's been interesting to watch the school buses. The drivers actually stop with the yellow lights flashing, and allow the cars to clear out before servicing the kids. Looks like it works just fine, for the kids and the traffic. We don't see the long lines of cars backed up. Get a clue, Medford school bus company. — Bill Jordan, Medford

There was a recent article in the Tribune regarding Rogue River Mortgage and Lynn Costantino. It concerned his business practices.

I have done business with Lynn and his company for many years. His honesty and integrity are above reproach. Lynn has always gone way out of his way to make sure his clients understand exactly what they are investing in.

On the borrowing side, I have also dealt with Lynn and again his ethics are above reproach. During the whole course of the loans Lynn arranges, regardless of how many years they run, Lynn makes sure everything is done the way it is supposed to be. He has always shown the same high standards to both the borrower and the lender. — Steve Shapiro, Ashland

This year's Giving Tree was very successful! Our community did a wonderful job with helping out families that found themselves financially stressed.

Thank you to the following Santa's helpers: Betty Clement worked with members of Eagle Point Community Bible Church to provide gifts for 20 families. That alone was 50 children! The Eagle Point Women's Club, Tracy Morgan's & Company took on tags for 15 children. A big thank you to Gordon Trucking Inc., which adopted eight families totaling 37 children. Gordon Trucking provided multiple gifts and boxes and boxes of food.

The outpouring from our community was outstanding! Our community members donated food and gifts for 151 children! Because of your help, we were able to put a smile on many little faces! — Sonia MacInnis, administration assistant, Little Butte School

There are things I need to say. No one else will care, but I'll feel better.

If Sarah Palin runs for president, God help us! Let us pray.

Have you noticed how skimpy our groceries have become? Smaller containers, skinnier bread, with the same cost. Toilet paper is a joke, etc., etc. All consumer rip-offs!

Obama caves in to the Republicans and his popular vote goes up. What happened to honor? What's honor!

And last but not least, dirty dancing. Girls allowing boys to dance very close behind them! It's so degrading. I'm getting sick and tired of women who yell "rape." What do they expect? The skimpier the clothes — bare bosoms — bare bottoms and last but not least, just say "no"!

I'm 87 — jaded, and tuned out! — Mary Holt, Medford