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The Mail Tribune gets an F by giving the school district an F for failing to tell parents after a student brought a loaded gun to school. Parents do have a tendency to overreact.

The high school gets an A for keeping calm and giving the students their opportunity to learn. Overreacting parents would have disrupted the learning environment.

There was no imminent threat. The students had a safe, undisrupted learning environment! — Bill Hartley, Medford

Is it true the fire chief is looking at using Hawthorne Park for a new fire station? Could this be why the push for a Water Park and a park at Cedar Links? Property owners, watch your fees on the water bill to increase for parks and safety if this is true. Is this just another way to add (taxes) fees without a vote of the people? — George Ebert, Medford

Since the Supreme Court has ruled that the Westboro Baptist Church has the right to protest with offensive signs and chants at military funerals, then clearly, Ken Webber has every right to fly whatever flag he wants from his personal truck. You can't have it both ways. — Richard Cody, Applegate

I've tried to live a good Christian life, but when I stand before the pearly gates, I'm going to ask St. Peter one question: "Are there any members of the Westboro Baptist Church inside?" If so, I'll ask to be transferred down to the other place. — Bruce Borgerson, Ashland

Hope you all read Mr. Manning's explanation of the failed forest management and utilization of Oregon's O&C lands for the benefit of our counties, people and forests. It's simple, understandable, doable, necessary and right; the lack of action has been criminal.

For you city slickers out there, "sustained yield" means harvesting timber at the same volume each year that the forest produces through new growth. Which means you never run out of trees to harvest to make lumber from to build the house you live in. Growing a tree to 24 to 28 inches in diameter in 60 to 70 years is easy in much of western Oregon. Oh, but you can't cut a tree that size because it's old growth to the environmentalists.

I've lost all faith in our courts and elected representatives, at all levels, top to bottom, to do the right thing to straighten this mess out. Regular revenue from O&C lands through sustained-yield logging practices is a no-brainer. Same for our forest service and BLM public lands. Government is really good at spending money and really, really bad at isolating a single issue, timber harvest, and making it right for the state and its people! — Terry Gardner, Medford

When I had to move after a $45/month rent hike at The Pines, Rich Rohde of Oregon Action told me to call Help Now!. That was like the skies opened up and sent me a fleet of loving angels to help me.

Linda Otters showed up five days to help me pack. Having my back out the whole time, she did the work and I just said, "keep," "Goodwill" or "garbage" from my chair.

Then on Feb. 9, five men from Westminster Church became a pickup posse, moving all of my stuff to my new home at Ashley Senior Apartments, including Don, who broke down and reset my computers in my new home. Ken Newcomb organized this wonderful group of generous souls and also helped me after the move to hang shelves and my TV. Thanking God for their generous hearts! — Pamela Goodwin, Ashland