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A hearty "well said" concerning the editorial on the Mount Ashland expansion.

This project has been over-studied. The opponents are giving the environmental movement a "black eye" by their continued senseless appeals. Move on, there are much bigger fish to fry out there. — Chris Adams, Ashland

It is hard to understand how a former mayor of Alan DeBoer's intelligence can be so misled about ski area effects to the Ashland Watershed (June 23).

The city has identified significant inputs of sediment from the development to the creek upstream of its water storage, and agrees with the Environmental Protection Agency that intensive mitigation is required to prevent "serious harm" resulting from expansion. Ski area managers have delayed restoration of problem erosion sites within the development until expansion is done, effectively taking the watershed hostage in order to argue that expansion will "improve" water quality. — Jay Lininger, Ashland

The Eagle Point School District 9 budget was passed by a 3-2 vote at the June regular school board meeting.

The district office has five administrators making well over $100,000 each in salary and benefits. Next school year there will be six district office administrators. There's no excuse for cutting nine teachers, then adding a district office administrator next year.

During the community budget forums, there was always talk about how the classroom would be the last place cut. When it came to cutting time, the administration and board chair said the only fair way was to take 5 percent of administrators and 5 percent of teachers.

There was no 5 percent of administrators (which amounts to almost 1 administrator) cut, and was cutting 5 percent of teachers (nine teachers) fair to the students and parents? The major purpose of District 9's $750,000 Education Stability Fund received from the state was to restore cut teachers. Why wasn't it used?

My definition of fair is much different than District 9 leaders making the budget decisions.

Even if 5 percent of administrators had been cut, that is too little if nine teachers are being cut. There should be more emphasis in District 9 on being fair to the students. — Beckie Figueroa, Eagle Point

The new Camelot Theatre in Talent celebrated its grand opening last Friday with a superb production of Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd" directed by the talented Gwen Overland with Livia Genise and Don Matthews playing prominent roles.

Everyone in the cast is stunning, music and acting first-rate, lighting and special effects awesome.

This new theater, The James Morrison Collier Building, was made possible by generous donations from Jim Collier, Bob and Wendy Phillips and many, many other patrons. With Ted Gibbs leading Camelot's board, one can anticipate exciting theatrical experiences. Do not miss seeing one of the best shows to grace this valley! — Jean Conger, Ashland

Until very recently, I thought there could be some consensus with the opposition on how we, as Americans, can solve the very serious problems that now plague this country.

I, as a proud progressive, have tried to talk to members of the tea party and the GOP. This is quite difficult when the other side says that Obama is a monster and to remove him from office and repeal Obamacare is the cure all of all our problems.

I now realize that the opposition will do anything to weaken Obama and the Democratic Party, however Machiavellian. I also realize this is "war" and this election cycle will not be pretty. So if there are Democrats out there who don't or won't play dirty, stay the hell out of the way and leave the fighting to us who are not afraid of the sight of blood. — Lindsay Paulk, White City