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In your story about Rachel Collins and the feral cats she cares for, you did not mention that local help is available.

SNYP —- Spay/Neuter Your Pets — offers low-cost spay/neuter vouchers, equipment and advice at 541-858-3325. Spaying or neutering all cats is the only solution to overpopulation. If you feed stray or feral cats, please call SNYP. Thanks, Rachel, and all who help these throwaway pets. Good work! — Mary Kalakay, Medford

The Job Council's Youth Team is pleased to announce the following grant awards to support young adults with training and services to prepare them for the work force. Cow Creek Umpqua Foundation recently awarded $10,000 to assist with tuition and software costs for youth enrolled in caregiver training.

Gordon Elwood Foundation funded $9,500 to assist in continuing our successful drug and alcohol prevention program for young adults preparing for the work force. On-site services are available to help the youths address issues to make the transformations to prepare them for their future.

Three AmeriCorps positions were awarded. Two positions will be located in Jackson County and one position in Josephine County.

The youth and staff are very grateful to these local foundations for their support for the low income youth who will benefit from this generosity. — Margie McNabb, youth and family program director, The Job Council

The city of Medford wants millions for new facilities to replace worn out, deteriorated ones.

The reason they've deteriorated? Lack of proper maintenance. So give it millions to build new.

Can it be trusted to properly maintain them? Not hardly! What happened to take care of what you have? How old are the parking garages? Look at their condition.

The new 'throwaway' mentality — don't maintain, just buy new. Why not? It's not their money. — P. Moran, Medford

We grew up admiring and thanking local cops for the services we expect and are thankful for. They hire on knowing all the possibilities.

FYI: I'm 78 years old, weigh 160 pounds and am 5 feet 10 inches tall. I don't appear threatening!

We the public are becoming aware of police abuses, physical or verbal — intimidation and/or humiliation. This is not the Deep South of our history. Rotten cops then were the norm.

Actually, I was ticketed in the fair city of Central Point for speeding. Being careless is no excuse, and I offer none. Now, ignorance enters the picture. I had the audacity to step out of my little truck to inquire about this stop. Don't ever do this. You could get shot!

In a screaming voice, it was: "Where are you going?"

Huh? Now, legs spread, arms akimbo, hand on the holster and shouting: "Get back in your car." A simple request would have worked. But power trips — aaahh. Just don't pull your gun or shoot. OK?

Think I'm kidding?

There were no recordings available of this stop until the officer got to my window. Convenient. Denials and all that. — Bill Foy, Medford

Steve Dieffenbacher really captured my feelings on the essence of the Oregon Trail in his Aug. 7 piece on the Interpretive Center in Baker City. Recently I had the same feelings on a visit to the Applegate Trail Interpretive Center in Sunny Valley. — R.W. Dill, Medford

Thank you, city of Medford, for paving the alley between Geneva Street and Crater Lake Avenue. It looks great and no more dust! — Rene and Lane Forncrook, Medford