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Stop whining! The Medford street resurfacing is what citizens asked for — government getting by with less. Had the city laid the finest asphalt money can buy the same people whining now would have whined then.

As a member of the city Budget Committee, I assure you Medford is blessed with the some of the smartest and most innovative city servants anywhere. Stop whining for a moment and celebrate that! — Jeff Palmer, Medford

The Max Burleigh event (and others like it) causes me to ask "why is there no established routine for hikers to know about and follow if lost"? I do not see anything in news stories advising of such.

There are cellphones, GPS, five counties responding to rescues, etc., and no publicly known routine to follow. Max called 9-1-1 and talked about 20 minutes as his phone charge dropped to 3 percent, but there was no location lock. A routine item for hikers: have a full charge on electronics and save some for an emergency.

Was he told to send a location photo? No, he did that on his own. Communications protocol needs improvement.

He saw two helicopters but they did not see him. No infrared detector aboard? With or without that, there appears to be a need for air searches to be improved because other rescue reports have similar stories by those lost.

Let's not go to excuses because people's lives are at stake and rescue operations do have a cost. Max learned (the hard way), but did anyone else? — Ed Danehy, Central Point

In reality, all politicians are controlled by the power of money in the hands of lobbyists who represent big business and less than 5 percent of the total population. All politicians should be called misrepresentatives of the other 95 percent of the people.

Big changes are needed to correct the dismal condition of our country; even with our huge armed forces all over the globe, we have massive underemployment and unemployment of millions, foreclosures of homes, hungry people, begging on the streets, high crime and the highest prison and jail populations of all advanced nations.

We have daily fraud in the high and low cities across the country, wars all over the world. The present system has failed time again with bailouts by taxpayer money.

Our political and economic systems were studied for 12 years from 1920 to 1932 by famous engineers, scientists and educators who incorporated under the name of Technocracy Inc., a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational organization, in 1932. Its master plan would eliminate all the above negative conditions and fully follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights for a God-inspired society with scientific answers for a functional governance. Check out www.technocracyinc.org. Call me at 541-661-5325. — Edmond Vongehr, Medford

I read Jack Eagleson's letter that we Republicans were good for nothing and care only for wealth and power. Truth is, most Republicans are hard-working, sincere, family-oriented people.

Painting groups with a wide brush shows ignorance and lack of education. Ronald Reagan said; "Government is not the answer, government is the problem." Politicians on either side of the aisle have brought America to the brink of ruin. Hateful name-calling doesn't help anyone. — Jim Ronda, Medford