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I'm not convinced we should applaud the recent medicinal marijuana raid on Old Stage Road.

Whether we personally agree or disagree with medicinal marijuana, it is Oregon state law. If the grower violates Oregon law, Sheriff Winters should raid it. If they weren't in violation of Oregon law, Sheriff Winters should protect this grow from federal action.

Oregon's OMMP law is a state nullification of federal drug law. The sheriff, not the DEA, is the supreme law enforcement officer in Jackson County. I believe it's the duty of Oregon law enforcement to protect its citizenry from federal overreach. Yes, even up to telling the DEA "No, you can't conduct this raid."

There are problems with OMMP, but it's up to us to change it. What's unacceptable is the appearance of local police helping the feds nullify our state's act of nullification.

My suspicion is this has much to do with ensuring a steady supply of federal grant money to help pay for county toys and services.

Two questions worth asking of local law enforcement and government: (1) "Who do you really work for?" (2) "Isn't it time to 'Just Say No' to federal grants?" — Bill Meyer, Jacksonville

Mr. DeVos (Letters, Sept. 26) seems to buy into the talk radio fantasy that America was once an unblemished, moral and godly nation of "chosen" people, until a bunch of liberals, gun-haters, feminists and teachers unions came along and ruined it.

Baloney. America was up to its eyeballs in moral decay long before anyone ever heard of a teachers union. Way before 1776, what we now call "America" was zero percent white and zero percent Christian. That's a provable fact.

The allegedly religious immigrants arriving in New England from 1609 to 1745 called themselves Christians, but actions speak a lot louder than words. These so-called "religious" dudes massacred millions of the original nonwhite Americans, and imported millions of African slaves, chained together like beasts, which they enjoyed raping and brutalizing. Does this sound like a nation of high morals or deeply held religious beliefs?

Remember, America was a pint-size nation about the size of Belgium before it became big and rich and powerful, not by God's or Allah's or Buddha's blessings, but by conquering, trickery, broken promises and mass killing. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. — James Snyder, Medford

I think the editorial opinion piece that you ran Oct. 1, which criticizes President Obama for not trying or penalizing the Bush administration for its torture and other policies after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack, is unfair criticism.

I am not questioning Jonathan Turley's knowledge of law, but I don't think he understands why Obama acted as he did. I think Obama simply didn't want his whole term in office overwhelmed by attention to the misdeeds of his predecessor's people. I believe he did not initiate prosecutions of those people because they had been told that their actions were proper, even though we know that they should not have been so regarded. It was simply a practical political decision, not an attack on civil liberties. Mr. Turley just reads it wrong. — Mary A. Delsman, Ashland