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I think Bern Case at the airport is on to something. Advertising on the control tower! Sheriff Winters could lease billboard space on the jail out to lawyers and bail bonds people. The library could sell advertising space and raise additional money to buy books. All those Jackson County vehicles that drive around town, sell space on the roof of their cars like in Vegas. We wouldn't need timber money. Food for thought! — Chuck Brook, Medford

Let me get this straight. "They" want to gut the retirement packages for men and women who put in more than 20 years protecting Americans, with their lives and limbs, because it's "not in line with the private sector workers"? (MT, Oct. 9)

Private sector workers? Are they out there protecting our country with their lives? If we want parity with the "private sector" we should start with the useless Congress. Talk about a waste of public money.

My husband put in over 20 years in the service of his country (prior to the all-volunteer military) through two actual wars and was lucky to get a portion of his pay when retired. What do the government employees, receiving up to 100 percent PERS retirement, do for their gift from the taxpayers?

A vast number "double-dip,'' going right back to work, and receive a fantastic salary on top of their PERS! Great system. Maybe "they" should eliminate the military altogether and let the citizens figure out how to protect the country on their own. — Pat Butler, Medford

Just my thoughts in answer to Herbert Smith's letter of Oct. 9.

Yes, some children do not like living by their parents' rules, but sometimes parents' rules are not good for their children. There are some parents who want their children to sell drugs for them; some parents want their children to prostitute themselves so the parents can have drugs.

Not all children are as taken care of as they should be. They have relatives abusing them, molesting them, and other things I don't even want to think of. It's very courageous of these children to still be going to school and trying to get an education.

Some of these children would probably love to be in a home where they would follow the rules; some of them cannot imagine what that is like. Some parents can be so strict there is no way a child could follow all of the rules they have to live by. — Judy Westcott, Talent

I continue to be amazed and grateful for the support of the community we live in.

So many businesses continue to give to help support extracurricular activities. This was the case with the Butler Automotive Group's support last weekend for a fundraiser for an educational class trip the fourth-graders of Bellview Elementary School will take at the end of the year.

Our school community would not be the same without our donors and volunteers. Thank you. — Mona J. McArdle, Ashland

That certainly was an appropriate headline in Monday's paper for a change. I agree that the male subject in the photo looks "dazed and confused."

Is he dazed and confused because he is high on his marijuana? Is he dazed and confused by the speed of the feds? Or, is he dazed and confused because he calls an illegal substance (if you don't have a card) medicine? It is first and foremost still illegal, and to try to move it upward into a new category by calling it medicine is just disingenuous by the staff of the Mail Tribune.

Call it what it is, legal to card holders, but it is not medicine. That's like saying a beer a day keeps the doctor away. — Keith Brostad, Eagle Point

Thank you for publishing the knowledgeable and honest article on "deregulation" by Bill Varble. His historical facts and insights are right on target. Hopefully you'll keep publishing all of his most worthwhile articles. — Dick and Beth Mould, Medford