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How long must we endure Eric Navickas, a man who seems hell-bent on nothing less than the demise of one of our most valued community resources — Mount Ashland?

Navickas has the temerity to accuse the Mt. Ashland Association of being politically divisive and irresponsible. He feigns concern for the "broader economy," yet in the same breath calls for a divisive and potentially costly boycott. He claims to speak for the community, yet he represents a small, vocal, disruptive group of radical activists.

Navickas claims he has been ignored, yet I can't think of any local politician or activist who has gained more local exposure than him.

The claims of damage to the watershed have been answered time and again. Navickas' desperate tactics have failed, as evidenced by his own admission that "the expansion project is now imminent ... it will proceed." The people of this community — who don't get tons of local media time — realize the value of a healthy Mount Ashland to our economy and quality of life. So Navickas is calling for one last desperate act — a boycott. I say it's time to show Eric the door, and support something that is long overdue.

Support Mount Ashland's expansion! — David Spear, Medford

Leonard Pitts' Oct. 19 column noted the protesters against Wall Street have not offered any alternative answers to the economic and political failures they are protesting against. If only they could become aware of the 12-year study from 1920 to 1932 by famous engineers, scientists and economists that found the solutions and answers to our presently failed political and economic systems.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights for all citizens could be made truly effective, and the power of money by the 1 percent would no longer rule. A new system would replace the use for money

Technocracy Inc., at www.technocracyinc.org, is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational organization. It is a technological social design for the North American continent put together after long study.

Edward Bellamy in his famous 1888 book "Looking Backward" predicted social and economic changes such as Technocracy envisions. All politicians represent themselves and the 3 percent of the money holders. The politicians would join the labor force with productive work. The change would not be socialism or communism or any other "ism." It will create a society of one for all and all for one, a wonderful life for all, including the very rich. — Edmond D. Vongehr, Medford.

The Southern Oregon Historical Society should go up to the Siskiyou Pass on Interstate 5 and look around. They might find some more shells to give to the University of Oregon. — William C. Carlson, Central Point