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To the North Medford football team: As one of many parents who have had the privilege of watching this team grow from boys in elementary school to fine young men in high school, I would like to congratulate each and every one of you on a season of hard work.

I commend you on your hours of commitment to practice, your respect of the game and the heart and soul you have put into this season. You signed up, you showed up, and you played.

To the seniors who are graduating, I hope you take a piece of the game with you into your future endeavors. To the underclassmen, go get 'em next year. We support our Black Tornado. We believe, we believe, we believe. Go Black Tornado! — T. Richards, Medford

I would like to correct a statement by Mr. Donald Wells in your newspaper: "For example, Russia abstained in the Security Council vote on the Korean conflict, thus defeating support of the U.N. for that war."

Actually, the USSR had boycotted the U.N. since January 1950. When North Korea invaded South Korea in June, they were not present to cast a veto.

The Security Council quickly passed U.N. Resolution 82, condemning North Korea and U.N. Resolution 83, pledging U.N. support and asking member nations to support the South Koreans. Twenty-three nations responded favorably; 15 of them sent combat troops and suffered casualties. Most of these foreign troops were from the United States, but troops from the other 14 nations fought bravely.

I went back to Pusan, South Korea, in October 1987 to tour the United Nations Cemetery. The U.N. flag is flown, along with 23 other national banners, including India. The pacifist Indians sent a hospital ship.

Each country has its own section, where their honored dead are buried. The Koreans take excellent care of the cemetery. So the U.N. did support the free world in Korea. — Jeff Cheek, Medford

Is the building of large, low-income housing projects putting the livelihood of existing apartment owners at risk?

Will developments such as the Arrowhead off Springbrook and the proposed Cherry Creek on Spring Street draw renters away from apartment owners whose units qualify as HUD rentals? With the existing extremely poor employment situation in the Rogue Valley, I do not believe people are moving here at the rate that agencies have projected.

It seems to me that the government and agencies such as the Housing Authority of Jackson County are creating the next "bubble" that will burst. How can existing apartment owners compete with brand new facilities with amenities such as dishwashers, when the pool of prospective renters is limited? Also, let me remind you that owners of private apartments pay property taxes. HAJC properties pay no property taxes.

If HAJC had a real commitment to all the people of Jackson County, it would not build the Cherry Creek Project. There are plenty of existing structures that could be rehabilitated with their access to neighborhood stabilization funds. — Lynda Haghan, Medford

The city of Medford's decision to put one-hour parking spaces downtown is a great problem for anyone who frequents downtown businesses. If we want to go to lunch or do some shopping, we would have to move our car at least once.

I was under the impression that the city was encouraging people to frequent downtown businesses. One-hour parking will certainly discourage it.

Does the city of Medford think it can bring in more businesses with one-hour parking? It amazes me how many buildings are empty in the downtown Medford area. You do not see that in any surrounding city.

Ashland is booming! When you drive through Ashland, Jacksonville, even in Talent, you usually see people walking around, shopping, eating at restaurants and two-hour parking. Do you see that in Medford? No. On weekends there is almost no one downtown.

If the city of Medford is considering one-hour parking limits, bring back the meters so at least we have a choice. — Linda Clark, Talent