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Why park downtown? Shop? Eat? Drink? Give or get service? RCC, OLLI classes? Work? Events? Library? Driving through? Note the common element in all parking is people.

The Medford Parking Commission is assigned to set and enforce car-parking rules. They sometimes forget parking is really not about cars.

Making and enforcing rules for cars or budgets — instead of for people — misses why they are in business. It's hard even for reasonably bright people to make sense of of parking signage instructions or the Parking Guide's restricted "free" or "pay time" intricacies.

Recently an audience of concerned people — parking somewhere — surprised the commission by attending their deliberations. Next week they open bids for outsourcing parking enforcement for their newest system of rules.

Bill Varble's "Rogue Viewpoint" (Nov. 13 Mail Tribune) makes great sense in his customary insightful, honest look at human events and behavior, including his own change of mind. He solidly advises parking moguls to "go user-friendly" in their regulations.

He warns about parking control being premised on city revenue and neglecting people's concerns in his knowledgeable commentary on local economies and commerce. The city of Medford and its agencies should adopt and apply Varble's wise "user-friendly" motto for all administration. — G.E. Myers, Jacksonville

In the plans for low-income housing on Spring Street in Medford, has the possibility of there being many children been considered? That would put pressure on Frohnmayer Park and the schools. Will the schools in the area be able to accommodate an increase in enrollment? — E.H. Patterson, Medford

If you give fools enough rope, they will hang themselves.

In this case, the tea party and the GOP are the fools, and we, as Democrats and rational-thinking citizens of this country, should stand back and let them make complete and utter fools of themselves. I think their words and actions have ensured four more years of an Obama presidency, and eight years of another Clinton in the White House.

So GOP and tea party, have at it! — Lindsay Earl Paulk, White City

Franklin really got the raw end of the deal. He did everything right.

Regarding the person the officer asked to stay in the car, what's that saying, "once a jerk, always a jerk?"

A lot of people remember him, and I have honestly never heard a nice word about him. Franklin deserves not only his job back, but a heck of a lot more money than he got.

I'm ashamed to say I live in Jackson County. Our officers need to protect themselves, especially in this day and age. They never know who they are dealing with, whether they are drunk or high on drugs.

If an officer asks you to stay in your car, then you do it. — Sharyn "Jinx" Arthur, Gold Hill