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With the passing of October and November, the disgusting advertisements for, and stories about, hunting are finally over for another year! — Fred Fleetwood, Trail

Once again the Medford City Council, minus Karen Blair, shows us that they have no problem approving projects that their own ordinances prohibit the public from doing.

Sound familiar? It wasn't long ago that they did the same thing in allowing the construction of a communication tower for the MPD adjacent to private property, and in violation of their own ordinances. Now it appears that the city will have to move that tower after losing a LUBA decision, and it will be the Medford taxpayers who pay for their arrogance.

It is disheartening to see that the City Council came to this great decision to "brand" the airport tower after both the Citizens Planning Advisory Council and the Planning Commission both voted unanimously to deny Bern Case's request to "brand" the tower.

The next time the Mail Tribune publishes a list of openings on the city of Medford's advisory commissions and boards, take notice of the number of vacancies. Is it any wonder that many find it frustrating to volunteer their time to make Medford a better place to live only to have their recommendations completely ignored by the City Council when it suits them? — Tom Dew, Medford

Recently I walked into a local business and was greeted with a wall of hateful cartoons and sayings disparaging our current president and his party.

Of course, this was nothing new, as I have seen similar displays during the past several administrations. In all of these cases, I have opted to take my business elsewhere.

Why? First of all, it is discourteous and unprofessional. Secondly, I have to question the competence of a business person who chooses to alienate a significant percentage of his customers the second they walk in the door. Such a business is not destined to be successful.

I prefer to do business with competent people who will be around when I need them. While they do have the right to express their opinion, I also have the right to choose to take my business elsewhere. — Jay Stockton, Central Point

Many people are struggling to feed themselves in this economy, and many pets are having to go without meals too. If you are able, please find it in your heart to buy bags and cans of cat and dog food and supplies such as kitty litter and flea collars when you shop, then drop these items at local food banks. ACCESS is behind Costco, off Crater Lake Highway. — Chandra Atkins, Medford