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For our Thanksgiving, we decided to enjoy having others around, so Central Point Shari's was first in thought. Katie, the wonderful, sharing waitress, added joy.

The food was great, and to our great surprise, a kind, special lady had paid our tab. We don't have a clue who she was, but thank you to that special lady. — Don and June Roady, Medford

Recently I have learned from PETA about the terrible animal suffering on Chinese fur farms. Animals are killed by being struck with metal pipes and by being slammed onto the ground (causing broken bones and convulsions) which often leaves these animals still alive and suffering. Many of the animals are skinned alive.

PETA reports animals on these "farms" are typically housed outside in tiny wire cages, exposed to weather extremes. Many develop psychoses from the intense stress of close confinement: They pace inside the cages, throw themselves against the wires and chew on their own legs. Many are diseased or injured. Mothers often kill their litters.

Here is an online video, which is graphic and disturbing, but shows what is actually happening to these animals: http://tinyurl.com/33lavkm.

PETA notes that since the fur trade is globalized, it is impossible to know for sure where any particular fur product originated — it might actually be from an unregulated Chinese fur farm. Please, never wear fur, and please send an email, call, or write to:

Chinese Embassy

Washington, D.C.



United States Embassy, Beijing, China

(86-10) 8531-3000


World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

33 (0) 1 44 15 18 88 oie@oie.int

— D. McAlaster, Ashland

The column on Nov. 28 under "Mail Tribune 100" was the most entertaining I've read in a long time. I immediately attached it to several emails on the assumption that a retraction would appear in the next day's paper. Surely, there's a joke there somewhere, or, what great material for late night comics. Or, how 'bout this: any decent cat farm would have a cat house — maybe that's where the real money was made. — Jim Foster, Medford

Regarding David Grubb's horrific murder, I'd echo Ms. Rosch. We know how Mr. Grubbs died. I shudder each time the Mail Tribune recounts the specifics, and I did not have the pleasure of knowing him personally. I can't imagine how the family and friends must feel to be constantly reminded. Please — no more on his "near decapitation." He was killed, and that is enough information at this point. — Paul Murdoch, Central Point