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Mr. Stockton's sentiment in his Dec. 2 letter that "partisan political displays in a business are discourteous and unprofessional" is right on. His solution was to take his business elsewhere, and that would seem to be a reasonable response. Recently, though, I had similar experience which has me questioning whether taking my business elsewhere would be enough.

A clerk in a local gun store, he might have been the owner, was helping me register some antique guns I had recently inherited. During this transaction his cell phone started to ring. The ring tone consisted of a recording of President Obama introducing himself followed by gunshots.

I was shocked but decided not to say anything since the registrations were almost finished. Later I had second thoughts.

If this was some kind of joke going around the gun-owning community, it was simply a case of bad taste, and you can't do much about that. But if this ring tone was expressing some kind of sentiment that President Obama should be murdered, that needed to be challenged. The right of free speech doesn't give you the right to threaten someone's life. If this ever happens again, this kind of speech will not go unchallenged by me. — Mark Everett, Medford

Your recent article on OLLI (the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) said finance classes are popular. So are classes in art, healthful living, history, law, literature, music, philosophy, science, technology, theater and other subjects.

Imagine viewing world-famous paintings as a professor of art history discusses them. Or studying Darwin's theory of evolution with a science professor. Or analyzing landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions with a law professor. These are some of the intellectual riches presented to seniors by experts.

OLLI classes not only stimulate students mentally, they also nurture friendships among participants. Taught at the SOU campus in Ashland and the Higher Education Center in Medford, an average of 100 classes are offered each fall, winter and spring term. For a $100 yearly fee, OLLI members can take an unlimited number of classes. The course list, including content and faculty descriptions, is online at: www.sou.edu/olli.

Before each term, members are mailed a summarized list along with course request forms. Students usually get the classes they want. If too many request a certain class, names are chosen by lottery.

We are fortunate in having an excellent OLLI program in the Rogue Valley that is open to all. Call 541-552-6048 for more information. — Betty and Marvin Kazmin, Medford