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In a letter on Dec. 6 by A.J. Pederson, the writer tries to make a distinction between private sector workers and public sector workers by claiming that public-sector workers are paid by taxpayers, while private sector workers are not.

The writer is correct that the source of funds for the workers is different. The writer claims that even the taxes paid by public sector workers are funded by taxes from the private sector. What the writer fails to realize is that every time you buy items from a company, be it Sherm's or WinCo, Home Depot or your plumber, you are paying for the employees' salary, benefits, retirement, health care and taxes, as well as the profit for the employer. So, what is fair? — Darlene Steffani, Ashland

In response to Tiffany Wyatt's letter concerning giving thanks to EMS workers, I certainly agree lots of people take them for granted and forget how dedicated they are.

I live in Fire District 5 here in Talent at Jackson House. I've lived in the area for more than 32 years, and I've seen first-hand how good they are. They treated my ill sister and me on numerous occasions. Their response is always fast, courteous, kind, helpful in every way and caring. They are so respectful.

Here at Jackson House Assisted Living, they are "Johnny on the spot" with a cheerful face and a helping hand. We just want them to know how much we appreciate them. — Mary Graham, Talent

Jesus said "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven." Fox news says we should trust rich people. No regulations, no taxes.

Fox news revises history. Now Jesus is a pro-gun, pro-life company man who tortures his enemies and hates the environment.

Worship Fox news. — Tom Espinosa, Medford