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Letters to the editor

I'm going to disagree with Terry Burton that Medford is a third-rate city. I agree that putting advertising on the airport tower is a very poor idea, and it shouldn't be done. I agree that the Medford City Council is third rate, and as corrupt as the day is long, and that they should all be voted out.

However, Medford, itself, isn't third rate. Medford is a great place to live, and it's ideally situated in the middle of some beautiful country. The problem isn't the city, it's the corrupt group of good old boys that controls this city, and that group puts its personal interests above those of the citizens as a whole. How do we make Medford a first-class city? Vote, and remove all incumbents from office. Replace them with independent citizens who aren't beholden to the good old boys. — Curt Ankerberg, Medford

Shame on ESPN for taking Hank Williams Jr. off of Monday Night Football. It is totally wrong to punish someone for expressing his private opinion. In my mind, this is censorship and wrong. ESPN should apologize and reinstate Mr. Williams. — J.G. Johnson, Ruch

I recently helped finish off a tub of delicious Harry & David chocolate-covered peanut butter malted milk balls. Then in the Sunday, Dec. 12 newspaper, I read the guest opinion by John and Beth Hallett, owners of Nice 'N' Easy, Inc.

As the Halletts referenced, Harry & David successfully survived bankruptcy, yet is not required to pay back its creditors. Just as the Hallets hope, I too strongly hope H&D survives its financial problems. However, it saddens me to think that the Hallets' local business will not be paid back the $34,000 debt owed them by H&D.

It is my hope that the new CEO and other executives making their exorbitant salaries are sitting down today to decide how to get this debt and the rest of the company's local debts paid back expediently. The thought of not enjoying any more chocolate-covered peanut butter malted milk balls also saddens me; but, I can certainly live without them until I hear good news from the Halletts. — Claudia Maxson, Central Point

There appears to be some belief that there is no opposition to the sale of Jacksonville watershed land to the Motorcycle Riders Association. (Dec. 8 Mail Tribune article).

At the Sept. 6 City Council meeting, two people spoke in favor of the deal and eight spoke in opposition. Ignoring the opposition, the council voted to continue the negotiations. At the same meeting, a letter was presented to the council asking the council to hold an advisory vote on the issue, allowing all Jacksonville voters the opportunity to express their will. The letter was signed by 250 residents, representing over 10 percent of the registered voters. The council voted 4-3 to reject the request.

Why is the City Council ignoring the citizens? The Jacksonville City Council needs to hear from all of the registered voters in an advisory ballot in May. — Jack Helvie, Jacksonville