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Former coach Mike Bellotti's half a million dollars per year in PERS benefits should have all Oregonians outraged. Our state's Most Valuable Player indeed! But as long as fans are willing to pay $80-$175 per ticket, as long as people are willing to pay $100 pus per month for cable and satellite TV, we continue to feed the beast more commonly known as big-time college football. Keep it up folks, the Ducks could really use another set of new uniforms. — Gary Pendergast, Talent

'Tis the season? It seems inconsiderate of the city of Medford to force people into fixing sidewalks at this time of year and while the economy is in the tank.

One, it's freezing outside; and two, people are spending what little money they have on Christmas. I'm sure the sidewalks didn't get in the condition they are in overnight. It would seem logical to wait for better climates, both economic and atmospheric, to fix this life-threatening sidewalk situation. It's also wise to do something with the trees that are causing the problem, so the residents don't face this issue again in the near future. — Doobie Lawson, Central Point

The Jacksonville City Council is to be commended for moving forward with the proposed Jacksonville watershed land exchange proposal with the Motorcycle Riders Association. The proposal would eliminate the existing MRA OHV 40-acre staging area from the lower Forest Park reservoir area and place the existing OHV boundary trail in the upper northwest corner of the watershed under the ownership and control of the MRA. While there is some community disagreement with the size and scope of the proposal, there is strong community consensus that the OHV staging area is an incompatible use with the passive, non-motorized recreational uses in Forest Park.

I want to thank Mayor Paul Becker and Councilman Paul Hayes for bringing to the City Council and the Jacksonville community a well-thought-out land exchange proposal with the MRA. To better understand and appreciate the reasons for the land exchange proposal, residents and visitors are invited to experience Forest Park. Trail maps and information can be found at the kiosk at the park entrance. Forest Park is one mile north of the Highway 238/Reservoir Road intersection, one mile west of the city of Jacksonville. — Charles Wilson, Jacksonville

To the subhumans who set the cat afire, really, you can't escape the bad luck and bad karma that will find you. Sorry buddies, there is such a valley-wide loathing of what you did.

Start looking in the rear view mirror of life. It's coming. I don't think the Creator of All Living Things missed this one. Did he take time to inventory this mindless evil? Oh yeah, baby, this one is in that special directory with your name on it. — Rocky Reeser, Medford