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"Neighbors sue Ashland Gun Club" constitutes eltism, class warfare and anti-gun ignorance! Two previous Ashland Daily Tidings commentaries of mine alluding to this include: "Anti-gun agenda is class warfare" (Jan. 9, 2009), and "The War on America's gun owners" (Aug. 3, 2009), archived at www.dailytidings.com. — James Farmer, Ashland

Pro-life means willing to kill and torture. An individual is a corporation (group or mob). Christianity is capitalistic. And conservative means to exploit. These beliefs are neither logical nor reasonable. They are, dare I say, insane. — Tom Espinosa, Medford

Although I understand how serious the consequences can be for everyone when parents refuse to have their children vaccinated, I cannot see how spending $10,000 will do anything to change the situation.

Jackson County doesn't have money to put out when there's no assurance it'll have the desired impact. Surely there are other, less costly ways of dealing with the problem.

If the county goes ahead with this expenditure I hope we'll see an accounting for every dollar spent, including the number of so-far resistant families that change their minds. — Mary Ann Johnson, Central Point

On Dec. 17 while seated in the waiting section at Red Lobster, we were approached by a young man who asked the three of us if we were together. We said we were, and he immediately gave us a gift card for a generous amount. He said to enjoy our dinner and God bless you.

We have no idea who the young man was, but we would like to thank him. This only proves that there are people out there who have an idea of the true meaning of Christmas. We hope that God did indeed bless him. — Joe and Juanita Bowden, Medford

My name is Cade Weaver. I am a sixth-grader at Hanby Middle School in Gold Hill. When I am in seventh grade, I would love to have school football and sports. This year School District 6 had to do some budget-cutting, and it decided to cut sports.

This year and last year, I played Jr. Comets Flag Football. I had a good time, but I would love to play tackle football. I would play Pop Warner, but it plays on Sundays. On Sunday I go to church with my family and we try to have activities as a family, so I can't do Pop Warner.

If the school district would bring back school-sponsored sports, then many kids would benefit. I have lots of friends that would like to play football, but can't because of church or they can't drive to Central Point every day for practice. Many kids would benefit from the return of school sports in my school district. What can I do to let them know that lots of kids want to play football, and that school sports should be funded? Please help kids to have chances to play sports. — Cade Weaver, Gold Hill