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Tom Dimitre's guest editorial last week, regarding the Ashland Gun Club/city of Ashland lawsuit, noted that his clients invited us to "discuss the issues." I need to point out the "invitation" came as a notice of intent to bring a lawsuit!

Once we were contacted in that manner, the issue was properly referred to our attorney. Now, as a lawsuit has been filed in federal court, I believe we are precluded from entering into any discussions with Mr. Dimitre's clients except via the legal process. — Mike LaNier, president, Ashland Gun Club

Questions for Dr. Edward Kerwin:

Why would a person with 56 acres of land build a 19,045-square-foot house directly behind — and so close to — a gun club? And have a vineyard on a hill above a creek where all the muddy water, pesticides and herbicides can run directly into it? And why does he need a house so big? Maybe he was thinking he could just get rid of the Ashland Gun Club! — Michael Klosterman, Medford

Has Sen. Ron Wyden changed parties? His pairing with Rep. Ryan to ambush Medicare is helpful only to insurance company profiteers. If Wyden has some strategy here that will benefit the 99 percent of us, he is woefully lax in explaining it and needs to clarify. If he is joining the profiteers and imagines he will never regret it, we need to be grooming his replacement. — Dean Ing, Ashland

Regarding CEO of La Clinica Brenda Johnson's letter on Jan. 12:

I'm sorry she feels the community does not support affordable housing to improve the lives of low-income people. I'm also sorry she feels insects, rodents and water damage-caused mold are always the landlord's fault.

The truth is that the housing authority paid way too much with no contingencies for a property with questionable zoning in a single-family neighborhood. Your City Council voted that it is not physically compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

The housing authority needs to do its job and focus on providing low-income housing in a high-density location, and not be a "wanna-be" big-time developer with upscale units in the wrong location. The authority's greedy and bullying tactics are masking the fact that the site location committee made a mistake.

Let's stop playing games and really help the local economy and low-income people instead of making Portland attorneys richer and the community look bad. — Frank Beanke, Medford

Regarding the Jan. 11 editorial, I'd like to say cheers to the Mail Tribune and to the great story published about Otto Caster.

Otto's lifetime of work was recognized with a well-attended dedication of Otto Caster Park, a park soon to have new playground equipment. It was all smiles. Thank you, Otto, for giving so much.

Thank you as well to Mayor Carlos Debritto for seeing this through, and to you and your wife, Jan, for hosting the dedication. It was a great community event. Mayors Otto and Carlos, you are appreciated. What a great day! — Mike Stitt, Phoenix