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People need to understand if you threaten police with a knife, gun or vehicle, they may shoot you. This applies to city, county, state or federal police.

Pretty simple. Don't put yourself in that position. Follow the commands of the officer. — John Sutton, Medford

Kudos to Marvin Olsen (Jan. 22) as he hit the nail right on the head.

The most important lesson I taught my sons was that you can do anything you want in this life, but there is a price to pay for everything. Making the smart choice wasn't what Jimmy Georgeson made and anyone rallying around vilifying the police is making an equally bad choice.

When my sons were growing up, we didn't expect society to guide them; that was my job as a parent. Somewhere along the way we've lost sight of that. If you've given up on your kids, that's your choice, but just don't try to turn them into misunderstood saints after they've done something so incredibly stupid. You supporters, start analyzing your criteria of who you deem worthy of emulating, as one day you may be in his shoes. — Wendy Grammatica, Central Point

We are nearing the final episodes of "Survivor — Republican Circus." Five contestants have been voted off the island and there are only four left in the clown car, none of which a majority of Republicans can embrace with any enthusiasm.

Their message, however, remains the same. Republican voters and candidates alike seem to be obsessed with defeating the incumbent president.

The Republican mantra is that our improbable president is a problem to be solved and not a worthy opponent to be challenged on principle. The overriding vision the GOP candidates are offering is a country without Barack Obama in the White House.

To this end they are distorting his record and ignoring the significant accomplishments of his first term. Their misrepresentations and omissions go mostly unchallenged by the media.

Although many of President Obama's supporters from 2008 are dissatisfied that he hasn't brought more radical change, I'm quite comfortable with his accomplishments compared with the record of his predecessor's first term. His record on wars started, wars ended, terrorist attacks allowed on American soil, public enemies brought to justice, civil rights, human rights and the general trajectory of the economy have convinced me to work diligently for his re-election. — Doug Snider, Medford

When Sen. Alan Bates goes into session next month, concerning the Manring household it is the hope of the taxpayer that his agenda will be to stop fraud in the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative.

Please read the online comments following this article in the MT. This is clearly an example of our failed political system that just prints money for a vote without regard to the hardworking taxpayer who lives on less than the Manrings.

I suggest that instead of hiring more clerks to pay out the funds faster he takes a breath to be sure assistance goes to those who really need help. We look to Sen. Bates and his committee to do the right thing for the state. If he continues to endorse programs where there is nobody watching the store, we the people will vote for a more responsible government, including the governor. — Jerry Molinaro, Central Point