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I am in deep mourning for Alejandra and Ramiro Ruiz in the death of their son Elias. My heart goes out to everyone at South Medford High School and to all the Latino community who knew this boy and his fine family.

While I will respectfully await the investigation results by the Medford Police Department, I have to question: Is this the best we can do for our troubled youth? — Zuna Johnson, Ashland

Isn't it odd that the president has chosen to rescue hostages at this time when doing so has not been a priority in the past?

Using our elite forces in a blatant election-year ploy and thus placing them in harm's way for political gain fairly reeks. Happy that the hostages were rescued with no SEAL team casualties, not happy about the motivation.

And speaking about SEAL Team Six, for those who thought Obama made a "brave" decision to go after bin Laden, it was a no-brainer. If he had chosen not to go in and the information came out later that we had had him dead to rights, and it would have come out, he would have been crucified. He really had no choice. — Mel Beaty, Medford

Gov. John Kitzhaber thinks it's wrong to kill convicted murderers because those murderers are born. On the other hand, unborn babies, who haven't murdered anyone, we may kill at will.

Predicating human rights on birth doesn't make any rational sense whatsoever. How does a baby's move from inside to outside the womb suddenly change non-murder into murder? It doesn't. Killing the innocent is murder regardless of the baby's location.

Even with mindless repetition, you can't justify murder with shallow platitudes of bodily rights and choice. Parents are obligated to care for their child regardless of the child's location. Parental obligation, in virtually every circumstance, trumps the parents' bodily rights and choice.

When a baby is still inside her mother's womb, liberals such as a Kitzhaber pretend she's not a human being. This pretense is crucial just as it was in the 1930s regarding the Jews and other "unwanteds" If you imagine your victim is nonhuman or subhuman, you can kill her without remorse. Denying reality is a small price to pay to get rid of someone who's in your way. That's what abortion is all about. — Ray Hymer, Tiller