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Feminists must be proud. The Feb. 13 Mail Tribune lists 12 felony arrests — six men and six women. Women have finally achieved equal status. Does Gloria Steinem know about this? Rachel Maddow? — M. Felder, Medford

This is in answer to Mr. Nutter's Feb. 14 letter to the editor. It seems he's judge, jury and executioner.

He doesn't even have all the facts, but wants the heads of police officers. The grand jury is made up of citizens of this county, had all the facts and found the officers' shootings justified.

Police officers, whether from city, county, state or federal levels, are also people, and they also have families and loved ones. They are also trained in situations, and handle them to the best of their ability. Let's put blame where blame belongs: with the people who are trying to do bodily harm to others.

If that truck was coming after Mr. Nutter, or that knife was pointed at him and trying to stab him, what would he do? Just stand there and let it happen? I'll bet not.

This letter isn't just for Mr. Nutter. It's for all the letters that I've read about these incidents and that have made me rather angry. I'm sick of hearing all the bad things about the officers, when they do so much good, to save lives, etc. Then they have to put up with all the put downs.

They have to see such horrible things in the line of duty. I think they are great! — Judy Westcott, Talent

The dams on the Klamath were built to last. They provide us with abundant, cheap electricity in the most nonpolluting way, and also provide water to our area's farmers to grow crops, and for residents to drink. Truly a win-win-win situation, thanks to those who had the vision to build them.

So, what's the problem? Why are some so stridently in favor of wrecking these fine structures? As a tree-hugging enviro-Democrat, I usually favor measures to protect our environment, but this is ridiculous! As a mid-'70s survivor of many ups and downs, I have learned that most of life's decisions are not "good" vs. "bad." Mostly our choices are between "worse" and "less worse" alternatives.

Certainly I would like to have a Democratic president who fought more vigorously for progressive ideals, but again, it's a matter of choice. Obama or else who ...? But I digress.

Save the dams! Cheap, clean electricity! Abundant water for farms and people! And fish, too.

Let's re-license the dams, maintain the fish ladders and get on with the rest of our lives. — Bruce Barnes, Ashland

Michael Steely, an astute observer of the political scene, was criticized for the candid comments he made about the Republican presidential hopefuls (Letters Feb. 12). Steely's remarks were mild, and quite generous, compared with those of another, better-known critic of the right.

Jesus described the Pharisees (right-wingers of his day) as a brood of vipers from whose evil nothing good could come. — Bill Sherwood, Phoenix