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Everyone who reads a newspaper or listens to the news knows Iran has been threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and kill all the Jews. Everyone, that is, except Gene Lyons, your Sunday columnist.

On Feb. 12, Lyons talks about Israel's threats against Iran without any mention of Iran's threats which preceded them. He's critical of Israel, but not of Iran. His only mention of Iran's threats against Israel is when he characterizes them as "trash talk." Jews have reasons to think otherwise. I wonder if Lyons would have characterized Hitler's threats to murder all the Jews as "trash talk." — Maynard Telpner, Talent

If the intersection at Biddle and McAndrews has photos for red light runners, where are they? I have come too close to two accidents when I was turning right on a green light. I was coming down Biddle making a right toward Riverside, and I came close to getting hit when a female came from Biddle making a left toward Riverside. She not only ran a red light, she came over into the outside lane next to the sidewalk I was turning onto. I had to lock my brakes. Where are the photos?

I have never seen a police officer at the intersection get red light runners or light thieves in the night at that intersection. Yet I got stopped for coasting up to a light. — R.W. Goldphenee, Medford

Janice Koler's letter wrongly criticizes owner-mandated spay/neuter legislation (MSN). Santa Cruz shelter manager Benjamin Winkleblack boasts success with no additional enforcement expense, since enforcement is incorporated into existing licensing protocol. There is actually a cost savings since less is spent to impound and dispose of animals. Also, contrary to Ms. Koler's letter, Santa Cruz boasts an 84 percent compliance rate to the legislation.

Ms. Koler states that MSN violates 14th Amendment property rights, but this argument has been denied on appeal. Government can constitutionally regulate pets as a valid exercise of police powers, rationally related to public health and safety of its citizens.

Ms. Koler further contends that MSN is unnecessary as irresponsible breeders will not comply. That's like saying "why regulate drunk driving, because folks will drink and drive anyway?"

She argues that early spay/neuter can have serious health consequences, but legislation provides for medical exemptions.

Lastly, her far-fetched argument that the ultimate goal of MSN is to eliminate all pets is nontenable, but even if we came close to not having any unwanted pets, then Ms. Koler's dog-breeding business would most likely become more lucrative. Breeders are the largest impeding lobby group to successful passage of MSN legislation. — William Carroll, Ashland