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Is there anyone at the Mail Tribune and other newspapers who has children or grandchildren? If you do have family, then why the devil don't you show concern about the United States of America and what is happening to her?

All I ask is for newspapers and TV stations to give both sides of stories, not half truths. Then the American people can know what is going on. Do your job!

Thank God for Fox News and talk radio. Even they are being threatened. What a travesty! — Bette Blankenship, Grants Pass

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, Ashland's City Council defeated a resolution (4-3) that supported a constitutional amendment to restrict expenditures in elections by super PACs and special interests. The primary argument by the majority was that council members were elected to deal with local concerns, not national issues.

They failed to recognize the severity of the threat to democracy in America and the power of moneyed elites to influence elections. Since our national government has been incapable or unwilling to deal with this problem, it is left to local governments to initiate reforms. The citizens of Ashland deserve a City Council with a more far-sighted vision of its responsibilities. — Doug Strong, Ashland

When I was a 30-something law student with two young children in 1975, my constitutional law class studied a landmark Supreme Court case decided 10 years before. I was amazed to learn how recently family planning had been illegal. Your article on Margaret Sanger (Feb 18) shows that court decision's relevance today.

In 1961, a Yale Medical School professor was arrested for instructing married graduate students in family planning methods and prescribing contraceptive devices, violating a Connecticut statute that criminalized using or assisting another in using contraception. Punishment could have been a year in jail.

In 1965. Justice William O. Douglas wrote the opinion in "Griswold v Connecticut;" his words about constitutional rights remain relevant.

"Would we allow the police to search the sacred precincts of marital bedrooms for telltale signs of the use of contraceptives? The very idea is repugnant to the notion of privacy surrounding the marriage relationship."

The Supreme Court decision made legal throughout America the dispensing and use of contraceptives, thus securing Margaret Sanger's legacy.

Today policymakers fight over who should provide such preventive services under "Obamacare." Instead, they should recognize that the basic right to family planning benefits everyone — men, women and children. — Betty R. Kazmin, Medford

If there is a chance that the Supreme Court may reconsider their ruling on Citizens United, we should do everything we can to get that ruling reversed! — Ross Jesswein Sr., Grants Pass