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Colleen Roberts is the first person running for county commissioner in some time who gives me the hope that individual citizens will actually be represented.

Last year voters overwhelmingly rejected the attempt to turn three elective county positions into appointed positions. Roberts was instrumental in this effort through her opposition opinion in the Voter's Pamphlet.

Colleen Roberts knows firsthand that the citizens of this county are poorly treated when they dare to oppose the status quo within county governance. Her response was to run for office. She is committed to using existing federal laws that protect the rights of local government (coordination), something that county commissioners have heretofore been unwilling to do. She is also committed to closer examination of county spending. Roberts' strength of character and determination more than offset her lack of experience. In short, Colleen Roberts will bring common sense views to this position. — Kristin O'Driscoll, Jacksonville

I am a retired police officer with 32 years' experience, the last nine as a detective with the Medford Police Department. As a detective I worked with both Beth Heckert and Rob Patridge prosecuting mostly felony cases. Both were good prosecutors and easy to work with. I have not worked with David Hoppe, but have heard from other officers that he is also a capable prosecutor.

All three candidates have some good ideas to improve the office. So how did I choose who to vote for in the District Attorney's race? For me it boils down to experience. Beth Heckert has 20 years and 10 years more prosecutorial experience than the other candidates respectively. That experience coupled with the fact that she's been the chief deputy for 12 years and that she supervises the other prosecuting attorneys in the office leads me to vote for Beth Heckert for district attorney. — Steve Edson, Medford

I would like to comment on the reasons I am voting for Joel Ockunzzi for Jackson County commissioner. First, I know Joel to be a very knowledgeable, professional and concerned citizen. Joel understands our local issues and has the experience to work on these issues. Joel is not a political insider, and his work on the Planning Commission and with land-use laws makes him the go-to candidate in this election. Thanks for running, Joel. — Grover Lee, Central Point

As vendors during the Pear Blossom, we found ourselves near a political booth. I didn't know this candidate, so I was curious to observe his attitude and behavior. He seemed to genuinely enjoy meeting people and handing out balloons to children.

He had helpers, but did most of the heavy lifting himself. His mother and other family members were there often and I noticed a strong sense of family. He seemed conservative, yet he engaged in friendly conversation with a homeless man, gave him a soft drink and wished him well. A man stood nearby with a drug legalization sign which I knew he opposed, yet I detected no animosity or interference.

I've never heard this man speak in public, but learned enough about Rob Patridge, his values and sense of fairness in those two days to give him my vote as Jackson County's next district attorney. — Leonard Thornton Sr., Jacksonville

I am supporting Joel Ockunzzi for Jackson County commissioner. To be truly successful at anything you need to have an even mix of moral integrity and expert knowledge. Joel has both areas covered.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Joel in business, as a friend and involved in a football program. In every situation he was a straight shooter who got things done the right way. Joel is well prepared to be our county commissioner with his years of business experience, real estate knowledge and being involved with local government. Its a no-brainer to vote for Joel. — David Heidegger, Medford

A few years ago, I served a term on the grand jury and became aware of the impressive skills of Beth Heckert. She is marvelously qualified to become our next district attorney. If she doesn't win we will have one more example of a competent woman teaching the job to a less experienced and less qualified boss. — Lucy Strasburg, Ashland

My husband and I want to vote for the right person for district attorney. We've read the same packaged litany over and over. We didn't learn anything new.

So, I googled David Hoppe and found his website, www.davehoppe4da.com. The site presents an easily read, three-paragraph explanation of what Dave has accomplished as a deputy district attorney, what he plans to do as district attorney and, most importantly, who he is — a man of strong beliefs. A prosecutor, not a politician. But, don't stop there. Keep reading. He was Child Abuse Prosecutor of the Year, he has endorsements from local leaders, and statements from victims he's represented. You'll connect with Dave on many levels, be encouraged to support him and cast an informed vote.

Dave Hoppe is the best candidate and my choice for the position of district attorney. Like his sign reads, he's a man of strong convictions. — Sue Musolf, Medford

I have been watching the local political scene. It is fascinating that finally someone else with a business (or reality) background is running to replace C.W. Smith. Having never met Joel Ockunzzi, although I too am in the real estate business, I congratulate him on stepping up to the plate! Colleen Roberts also has a business background plus commitment to public service and would make a solid commissioner along with the two now in office. I have known her as a candidate for other offices and recommend her as a person who is committed to maintaining high standards on behalf of county citizens.

As a Realtor, I have close observation of the office of assessor. Josh Gibson has brought fresh air and efficiency into the Assessor's Office. He is able to communicate with citizens clearly.

It is really important that you vote in this primary! — Ellee Celler, Jacksonville

Jackson County commissioner is a very important job in our county. We need a commissioner with leadership experience. I support Joel Ockunzzi because he has that experience.

As a business leader and a member of the Jackson County Planning Commission for four years, Joel will be able to hit the ground running. He will bring a businessman's approach to county government.

We want a commissioner who is not a political insider. Issues facing our county are not Republican issues or Democrat issues. Joel Ockunzzi has never been involved in partisan politics. We don't need that kind of bickering, we need someone who will represent all of us.

Most importantly, Ockunzzi thinks the county land-use measures are a waste of time and money. That's something I can support. With federal funding in jeopardy, we need someone who can help us solve problems and not just make promises. I'm voting for Joel. — Beth Coker, Medford

In response to the April 22 MT article, Mr Skundrick stated that the two ballot measures (15-110 and 15-111) are "unconstitutional." How so?

I have both Oregon and U.S. constitutions and do not see that these measures pose a threat to our constitutional rights. In fact, to the contrary, lack of implementing them would appear to be more "unconstitutional." Our Constitution was put into place to limit excessive government and protect individual freedom. Commissioners who attempt to persuade voters otherwise should get a copy of the very Constitution that they took an oath to uphold! — Colleen Roberts, Eagle Point

I worked with Jeff Scroggin during my campaign for county commissioner and in his role as chief of staff for Sen. Alan Bates. Jeff is thoughtful, intelligent, pragmatic and hard-working. I believe that he will make an excellent Jackson County commissioner. I join the Mail Tribune in encouraging you to vote for Jeff Scroggin for commissioner. — Mark Wisnovsky, Jacksonville