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It is refreshing to see a young and qualified candidate ready to serve as county commissioner. Jeff Scroggin has an in-depth understanding of Jackson County and its challenges. He is solution-oriented and is aware of untapped resources that the county might use. Jeff has experience in dealing with other government and legislative entities. We are delighted to see enthusiasm and new ideas in local government. — Jon and Ginnie Deason, Medford

We don't need another yahoo in public office. Rob Patridge has been tied up with far right extremist politics for years. In a recent MT article Patridge says if elected District Attorney he "must help lead the fight to open up our forests to environmentally sustainable harvests to fund public safety and schools." Sounds like self-aggrandized mission creep to me.

Patridge's statements show he doesn't understand the job and would likely overreach if elected District Attorney. Beth Heckert's statement shows she understands the primary responsibilities of the District Attorney are to train and manage a group of highly skilled prosecutors. She has managed the DA's office and supervised other lawyers for the past 14 years. And I believe she will show real concern for the crimes against women and children that have skyrocketed in Jackson County. — Julie Grace Grey, Jacksonville

In the 23 years I've lived in Jackson County, I've come to have tremendous respect for the great collaboration and willingness of various agencies to solve issues together, and in particular with the DA's office. Beth Heckert understands how to work with various law enforcement agencies, schools and public health to keep the DA's office on the right track.

On a personal and professional level, I know Beth Heckert has the leadership, management and, prosecuting skills to ensure a smooth transition and continue this admirable tradition. She has encyclopedic knowledge of how and what needs to be prosecuted; she has the confidence of our outgoing DA to continue a legacy of excellent professionalism in challenging times. Her opponents simply lack the range of experience and skill to keep our District Attorney's office the envy of other counties and law enforcement agencies around the state. Please vote for Beth! — James S. Hutchinson, Ashland

Jackson County needs a surveyor who understands the needs of its citizens. Someone who has for over 40 years looked out for thousands of local property owners who sought his expertise to navigate the sometimes daunting challenges of dealing with bureaucracy in local, county, state and federal regulations.

Jackson County needs someone with that understanding along with private business knowledge, who has met a payroll, hired and, when times dictate, had the courage to make changes for the sake of business survival. Jackson County needs Herb Farber. Please vote for Herb on May 15! — Susan Morgan Farber, Central Point

A couple of nights ago I had two Rob Patridge signs stolen from my property. Today I found out that this has happened all over Jackson County. I may be over 70, but I can only think of two peope that would benefit from the theft and/or defacement of Patridge's political sgns.

If this is leadership, then I am sure that my vote for Rob will be for better leadership. I have known Rob from Boy Scouts to the present time. All the experience that he has gained from those early leadership days through deputy district attorney, the Legislature and time as a lawyer has made him the best leader for the office of district attorney. — Kenneth Olson, Eagle Point

I was so pleased to see Dave Hoppe as a candidate for Jackson County district attorney.

I have followed his career as a prosecutor and I have seen his dedication to our justice system. I am impressed by his skill in his many cases, especially child abuse. I am convinced with all his years experience in the courtroom he can definitely lead prosecutors and staff to keep our community safe. It's the top priority for the district attorney position.

My vote is for Mr. Hoppe. He is indeed a man of convictions. — T. Noble, Eagle Point

Has the Mail Tribune Editorial Board lost its mind, or is it just that the good ol' boy system is still alive and well in Jackson County? Endorsing a person with such minimal experience for the top law-enforcement position in the county?

Would the Mail Tribune promote a paperboy to editor the first day on the job? That's what they are suggesting by endorsing Patridge, a rookie with almost no experience, for this job. He claims to be a proven leader, but a leader needs to stay on a job long enough to lead. Patridge has not.

A vote for Patridge will truly be a mistake for the District Attorney's Office and our county. He has misdemeanor experience, never prosecuted a murder or serious felony case, no managerial experience in this field, no county budget experience and lacks commitment. Vote for the only real qualified candidate. Vote Beth Heckert! — Bob Churma, retired Medford police officer, Medford

Mitt Romney would undoubtedly make a better president than B.O. Who wouldn't? But that doesn't mean I'll vote for Romney. I don't trust a Northeast Republican any more than I trust a Democrat or a Marxist.

Even though Romney is saying all the right things now, does that really mean that he's a reformed liberal? I doubt it. I think that soon after he's inaugurated, he'll take a hard left turn with Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and the rest of the left-wingers who are destroying our country.

I see this election as a choice between a wolf in sheep's clothing and an overrated Marxist with an eighth-grade vocabulary.

I'll be voting the same way this time that I did in 2008, for the candidate of the Constitution Party. My candidate will lose by a landslide, but I'd rather lose than compromise. — Ron Smith, Medford