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Congratulations to President Obama for his courageous stand on civil rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation! The president has my vote this November. — Mike Hayes, Medford

I support Rob Patridge for district attorney; strong criminal prosecution = lower crime = less need for government. Seems clear to me. — Deana Chadwell, Central Point

Over 10 years ago, I was trapped in a cycle of domestic violence. My abuser assaulted me once again and Dave Hoppe was assigned my case.

It was the most vulnerable time of my life. Dave demonstrated to me that he was willing to do whatever it took to see my case through to the end, even though we were both threatened personally and it was dangerous for him to do so. He guided me through the process and gave me the confidence, courage and strength to face my abuser.

Dave understands the cycle of domestic violence and truly cares about victims like me. I returned to school as a single mother and received my degree because I was inspired to make a difference in other people's lives just as Dave Hoppe has done in mine. Please vote for Dave Hoppe for district attorney. — Kristin Prince, Eagle Point

I support Kay Harrison for Jackson County commissioner.

I work with Kay as a fellow board member of Rogue Valley Sewer Services. She applies good judgment and supplies good common-sense decisions on issues that occur at our meetings.

She has further government experience as a member of the Central Point City Council for almost 12 years, and is serving on several county committees.

I am confident that as county commissioner, Kay's main concern will be what is best for the people of Jackson County. — Robert Dunn, Central Point

When Hollywood celebrities support President Barack Obama, don't they realize that under his polices no one will be able to afford to go to the movies? — Yvonne Miller, Medford

Mitt Romney was very much in favor of the Vietnam War, but avoided military service by going to France as a Mormon missionary. It speaks to his appalling lack of character that he let others bear the burden of protecting a country he professes to love against a threat he considered real. For Romney, church interests were a higher priority than national interests.

To allay concerns that a Romney administration would be affected by Mormon Church policies, he compares his situation to that of JFK. Mormonism, however, has more in common with Islam than it does with Catholicism (see the book "Mormons and Muslims," produced in 1983 by the Religious Studies Center of Brigham Young University).

Romney said he "is not a cafeteria Mormon" which is why his religious beliefs and practices should be examined as extensively as were President Obama's. — Bill Sherwood, Phoenix

I am supporting Jeff Scroggin in the primary election for Position 2 for Jackson County commissioner.

Jeff has excellent communication and people skills. He has significant political experience in his role as chief of staff for Sen. Alan Bates. He has leadership experience from his time in the military. He is bright, young, knowledgeable, hard-working and would be a great addition to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. — Lee Murdoch, Medford

Kay Harrison is the best choice for Jackson County commissioner. She has broad experience with public matters as a Central Point councilwoman, an RVTD board member and a volunteer. She has significant management skills and extensive knowledge of all sides of public issues throughout the county.

I have known Kay for years, serving with her on an advisory board dealing with transportation issues. She is consistently practical and analytical, using her grasp of issues to seek the most pragmatic solutions in the public interest.

Kay Harrison is the ideal person for the role of a decision-making public servant. — Glen Anderson, Medford

In response to the front page Mail Tribune article on May 2 that reported on the property rights initiative, Measure 37, and Doug Breidenthal, I have been able to validate his involvement.

Dave Smith and Jack Swift both have acknowledged that Doug was one of the "Four Musketeers" leading the charge in the courts that Measure 37 intended to protect private property rights. Therefore, I find it unfair to tarnish the integrity of Doug Breidenthal at this important time as citizens are filling out their ballots.

In the years I have known Doug, I have found him to be a responsible, competent, honest, trustworthy, reliable and insightful individual. Doug Breidenthal has my vote for Jackson County commissioner. — Tom Tschohl, Eagle Point

Pioneers that settled Oregon believed their land was worth fighting for, that liberty and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights made America great and worth the good fight.

Velda Dickey's ancestors came here over the Oregon Trail. Velda grew up with a love and respect for the land. Her family invested in and farmed its land. She held on to those beliefs until her death a month ago.

She filed a Measure 37 claim on property she and her husband had owned since 1958. Her rights were upheld by federal Judge Owen G. Panner; rights lost when the county appealed the decision. She died, realizing tragically that she no longer had the property rights that she thought went with the land, and she died fighting to get those rights back. Cast your vote as she would have. Vote yes on ballot measures 15-110 and 15-111. — Rita Wagner, Medford

During Pear Blossom, I happened upon Josh Gibson's booth with questions regarding property taxes. He answered them clearly and completely. His slogan, "Honesty, Transparency and Accountability" seems to be true, as this is exactly how he presented himself.

Gibson is young, knowledgeable, energetic and eager to educate the public on how the property tax system works. After eight years of service, he was recently appointed assessor. Perhaps he was chosen in part for his strong knowledge of the laws that govern how taxes are assessed and his genuine eagerness to assist with tax concerns.

I question his opponent Roy Wright's intent and motivation to pursue this position in the public sector, which he left after only three years of service to pursue a private appraisal business. At 71 years old, perhaps the once lucrative private sector lost its appeal. Gibson is my choice. We need some "Honesty, Transparency, and Accountability." — Tammy Lacey, Medford

I have known and worked with Tim Sercombe over the past two decades, when I was city attorney for Grants Pass and when I was president of the Oregon City Attorneys Association. I strongly endorse his candidacy for the Oregon Supreme Court. Tim is an honest and fair individual who understands the needs and concerns of small communities. — Ulys Stapleton, Grants Pass

In choosing which candidate you want for the important job of district attorney, consider this: Dave Hoppe has the personal support of Marlene Mish, Dee Anne Everson, Mary Curtis Gramley, Daria Land, Susan Moen, Gerry Sea, Michelle Wilson and Jennifer Mylenek.

You may recognize these names from the victims' service groups they dedicate their lives to: United Way, Family Nurturing Center, CASA, Children's Advocacy Center, Sexual Assault Response Team, Council Against Domestic & Sexual Violence.

If you are interested in endorsement from law enforcement officers, go to www.davehoppe4da.com to find a list of them, both currently working in the field and retired. The people who spend their time advocating for victims or testifying in the courtroom are the ones who know who would make a good district attorney.

When was the last time a retired chief of police spent time in a courtroom? Please consider this when marking your ballot. — Vicki Johnson, Medford

As a longtime Mail Tribune fan, I'm puzzled at your DA recommendation. With only two qualified candidates, Heckert and Hoppe (either of whom is experienced and proven, particularly Heckert), your pick of Patridge mystifies me.

Having only three years "cub" experience in the DA's office (without one scintilla as a prosecutor) opposing vastly more qualified candidates, you favor him for "leadership" qualities? Is this some new definition of "leadership" that I am not familiar with? I see prettier lawn signs and a fancier website. I see lots of support from area "good ol' boys" and no shortage of money behind him. Should I conclude that "leadership" can somehow be bought?

As far as I know, a leader needs to be more experienced than those he proposes to lead. I can't help imagining the turmoil of having this legal lightweight thrust into the role you propose. What were you thinking? — Ted R. Killian, Medford

I worked in the district attorney's office for 26 years, so I feel qualified to provide my insight.

While Patridge claims to be qualified, blah, blah, blah, he simply is not. Folks, he hasn't even tried a felony case — come on! If elected, it appears you will have someone who is never in the office doing any work — he will be in Salem or elsewhere touting more blah, blah, blah, which is what politicians do best. Tons of signs on empty lots, as empty as his qualifications.

Beth Heckert is your best choice. She has the experience, as evidenced by more than 23 years of prosecution work. She has experience in hiring, training and monitoring attorneys. She fully understands this office and its function in the criminal justice system. She has worked tirelessly for this county and will continue to do an excellent job for you! — Chris Churma, Medford

Please join me in voting for Josh Gibson for Jackson County assessor. Josh is a smart, hard-working young man who stepped into a big job as Interim county assessor and is doing great work for us. He deserves our support for his leadership and successes to date.

I met Josh when he was earning his degree in geography at Southern Oregon University where I teach. Josh was a hard worker then as well, working nights earning a living while he attended school during the day. Many of Josh's courses prepared him for the positions he's held in the assessor's office since he began his work there following his graduation from SOU.

Josh Gibson is a bright, ethical, accomplished young man, just the kind of person we want to see succeed in local government. Please join me in voting for Josh Gibson for Jackson County assessor. — Pat Acklin, Ashland