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Letters to the editor

The claim (April 26) that dropping theater at RCC would "save $80,000-$100,000" is simply incorrect. The cost is in the eighty thousands, but the tuition attributable to theater classes taken, plus the small amount of ticket revenues from performances, make it very nearly a wash. — David R. Mannix, Grants Pass

The teachers and staff of the Eagle Point School District don't want to strike. They care deeply about their students and hate seeing the learning disrupted, so they take this step with heavy hearts, believing it is absolutely necessary to preserve good learning conditions for the students and good working conditions for staff.

The school district's claims are unfairly distorted. It is not offering $4.3 million in staff compensation over the next three years as reported, but $1.4 million. Its own "Strike Fact Sheet 4-27-12" admits that $2.9 million of the proposal is a required pension support payment to PERS not even subject to contract negotiations.

The District threatens to cut precious teacher preparation time while increasing class sizes (to 30-plus) and workload requirements. This proposal hurts our kids. Cutting prep time means your kids get less individualized feedback and lower quality education.

Contracting-out transportation and other staff similarly weakens our schools — we lose local dollars and the safety benefits of local control.

Staff can't accept cutbacks and policies that are unfairly burdensome and ultimately bad for our children's education. They are taking a stand, and need your support. Call the school board today! — John Blanchard, ex-School Board Member, and Shirley Blanchard, Retired, Eagle Point

On Friday, May 4, I had the good fortune to attend the opening night of the Rogue Opera production of "The Elixir of Love," and it was wonderfully well-done. Balanced talents, wonderful Orchestra and Chorus, and as good as I have heard anywhere in the world!

Yes, this includes the Met, Frankfurt, Germany, Munich, La Scala, Verona, Seattle and Portland. It was so funny, also. I laughed till my sides hurt twice.

I look forward to their next production with great anticipation. Who knew such a fine company existed! It was wonderfully entertaining for both "High Brows" and "Low Brows" too! Thank you all involved! — Judith K. Grillo, Phoenix

Jackson Elementary recently revitalized a school garden in conjunction with Farm to School and Kids Unlimited. As the project began, it became clear that we were in need of money and resources in order to properly install the new garden site. We were fortunate enough to have the expertise and support of Landscape Architect Laurie Sager. Under her guidance, we relocated and revitalized our garden.

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to Adroit Construction, landscaper Travis Stumpff of GreenTime Landscape, Quality Fence, Knife River Materials, AA Bark Blowers, Jay M Construction, Home Depot and Ewing Irrigation for their generous donations. Without the support of our community, we would not have been able to see our garden become a reality. On behalf of the Jackson community, thank you for our beautiful new garden! — Kelly Soter, Principal, Jackson Elementary School, Medford