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Have you ever loved something, but others thought it was horrible? That's how I feel raising market animals.

People think raising slaughter animals is cruel. In reality, animals raised by FFA members receive more attention than those raised commercially. Both allow animals to get care they need, but an animal raised by an FFA member receives more attention and love.

I understand how some think it's better for livestock to be raised commercially because they're meant for meat, but to us, these animals aren't just meat to be sold at fair. These animals are our entire lives, and we look forward to raising them because we love it. When we buy these animals, we already know the outcome; even though we try not to get attached, we always do. It's not easy getting rid of something you love, but you have to.

Some think it's cruel for us to raise animals to be killed, but they don't know the other side of the story. We devote our lives to making sure these animals are treated with the respect they deserve. This is why I believe it's better for animals to be raised by FFA members than raised commercially. — Michaela Champion, Phoenix

I visited the Phoenix Pioneer Cemetery on May 25 in preparation for Memorial Day and was really impressed at the state of the grounds. It looks wonderful, better than I have ever seen it, and after an inquiry, I find this is basically due to the efforts of Stan Bartel and his group of volunteers.

What a great job they and the Cemetery Board have done! Thanks from me and my pioneer family who have many family members laid to rest in this memorable place. — Pat Furry Popow, Medford

I read with interest your editorial regarding the Postal Service on May 27 — as a postal worker it strikes very close to home. The U.S. Postal Service is just that, a service; it was not meant to be a for-profit business. The fact that volume is down because of email and other e-commerce is a reality, but it should not be a definitive nail in its coffin. We are still mandated to provide this service.

What is sad to me, and will not perhaps be realized by many until it is too late, is the loss of tangible correspondence. Browse back through the centuries and you can see how precious letters can be.

Books and movies have been written about them and history has been validated through them; but our progeny will not have many to treasure. After all, how many emails do people actually print out and save? Even if they do, lost will be the nuances of cursive writing, foreign postmarks or the whiff of cologne. There is little personality revealed in emails. I'll stick to letters with stamps — such as this one. Anyone care to join me? — Karen E. Gordon, Central Point

I noted with interest that Mellelo's ex-bookkeeper, Ronda Bennett, received only 40 days in jail for embezzling more than $10,000. I've had some pretty good jobs, but I've never been able to make that much (tax free) in 40 days. Seems like a good deal to me! — Glenn McKinney, Medford