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Several decades ago I graduated from a state university with an engineering degree. Thanks to state tax support, the GI bill, and part-time work, I finished with little debt.

After graduation I became employed and a ta payer, thus helping those who followed with their education. It was a good feeling, but today the word tax is treated as four-letter word.

During the 19th century millions migrated to the US, in part because education was available to all, not just the elite.

It appears that we are now "advancing in reverse." Our education system is becoming second class compared to several other nations in the world and unavailable to many. — Harlan Moore, Medford

Voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions.

How about a president who stands behind his words like labeling GMOs. Instead, Obama appoints Tom Vilsack, a Monsanto enthusiast, to head the USDA, appoints former vice-president of Monsanto Michael Taylor as the FDA's food safety czar, oy vey, God help us. And even when Vilsack warns his administration that GMO alfalfa would devastate organic agriculture, he overrules Vilsack and says "do it."

Obama, the constitutional law professor president, said he would veto NDAA; he didn't. He said the horrible treatment of Bradley Manning wasn't torture, that it's fine, and to keep doing it.

People wanted a public option to health care that wasn't beholden to the insurance or pharmaceutical industry. That's not what we got.

He let the big banks and Wall Street walk, with not even a slap on the hand. He let those who led us into a false war in Iraq, costing hundreds of thousands of lives, escape without accountability.

So when he becomes a one-term president, what will be his legacy? He reviewed nightly kill lists for the drone attacks?

Obama, who the hell are you? — Michael Framson, Medford

Unbelievable! The headline "Where will we park?" (June 8) has me shaking my head.

The Lithia Commons project is supposed to be a planned project, yet now there is a discovery of a parking shortfall to be expected. Really? This is a planned project? — Paula Trudeau, Shady Cove

Never pick a fight with the biggest guy in the room! I would like to piggyback on a letter to the editor from Dennis Sinclair (June 6) and his position against the developing concepts of social justice and redistribution of wealth in America.

Some proponents are asking for higher taxes on the wealthy, while extremists would just take what others have earned. The big question in my mind is, why would anyone wish to attack and anger a small group of Americans (5 percent) who pay 54 percent of the total nation's income tax, employ millions of American workers and donate billions of dollars to American charities? I can imagine only three possible reasons: jealousy, greed or knowledge of the subject.

Keep in mind that this small but powerful group have options that could result in less recovered taxes, fewer American jobs and less charitable donations if more financial demands are brought on them to cover losses from a dysfunctional government. — Robert Doyal, Medford

Your recently published photos of Rogue Valley valedictorians included only five males out of 125 winners, yet the list of invited speakers to the recent "All Things Digital" technology conference was 17 males out of 19, including several male high school or college drop-outs. There seems some major disconnect between intellectual competence and K-12 accolades. — Dr. Gerald Holmquist, Shady Cove