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As an organic farmer, the misinformed title of Mr. Bjork's article alone was enough to get me fired up. Yes, plant breeders and farmers have been cross-breeding plants around the world for thousands of years, but no farmer would or could ever add a bacterium gene to corn or a fish gene onto tomato DNA so it would store longer. Remember that?

Bjork's ability to grow GMOs is not as important as the consumer's right to know whether a product being bought is made with GMO ingredients. Tell me, why is Monsanto against product labeling if GMO crops are "safe for human health and the environment," as Bjork states in his article?

As an owner of a certified organic farm, I call on the county commissioners to ban the growing of these crops in our county. If they're not willing to take this step, they must at the very least make available the locations of the secret growing fields of GMO crops in Jackson County.

We have the right to know, especially for those of us who save our seeds. — Tom and Glenda Ponder, Abbie Lane Farm, Gold Hill

Regarding which planets President Obama and Mitt Romney are on, I think the description of the Republican "planet" is incorrect in claiming that the economy is backsliding.

We are in recovery, although it is slower than we would like, thanks to the Republicans in Congress who refuse to do the right thing for the country because they want to defeat Obama or they want to honor the stupid "No new taxes" pledge of Grover Norquist. It is also wrong regarding the effects of financial regulation, which are needed to prevent excessive behavior in the financial markets.

I know the Republicans are preaching that baloney, but they just don't want to follow the rules others have to follow. The Associated Press story's description of the Democratic "universe" is correct, I think, except that in describing the foolish excess spending and tax cuts that occurred during the George W. Bush administration, the author conveniently left out the cost of two unfunded wars. That is a very serious omission.

Fortunately we now have a president who has got us out of Iraq and is getting us out of Afghanistan. It is obvious that the Republican economic plan won't work and the Democratic plan is already showing that it can. — Mary A. Delsman, Ashland

I was so happy to learn that Mitt and Ann will attend the Olympic Games in London to cheer on Ann's horse that is worth six figures (in U.S. dollars). It was such a relief to learn that the Romneys were able to take a $77,000 tax loss, too. Horses do eat a lot, don't they?

While most of us Americans consider ourselves fortunate to be able to have and feed a dog or cat — much less ourselves — it is so gratifying to know that the Romneys have a pet, too. So like the rest of us! Go for the gold! — Anne Diller, Medford