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Cats are attracted to and bat at squirming objects. If the object reacts, the cat pounces, digs its claws in, drags it off and takes a few bites.

This is what happened when a cougar found a man in a sleeping bag in California. The outcome of the encounter: The cat walked off and the man drove himself to a hospital. California cougars have killed six people in 120 years; California hunters kill two people every year. — S. Mackler, Jacksonville

Stop! Enough already! Let's get it straight once and for all. The role of government is not, not, to take care of you. That is your moral responsibility. Besides, why would you want an organization fraught with corrupt politics taking care of you?

I know the insurance companies are a problem. But where is the wisdom in trading one bad apple for a worse one? Stand up for yourself and stop looking to government. Government will only make it worse. — Steve Wiley, Gold Hill

I saw the interview with Anne Root who is on the board of the SOU Foundation. She states that Chancellor George Pernsteiner is trying to take over the assets of JPR. I urge everyone to watch the full interview and let Chancellor Pernsteiner know what you think of what he is doing.

Watch this interview with Anne Root at www.kobi5.com. It is also posted on YouTube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQvgXj3wRWk). Please contact Chancellor George Pernsteiner at 541 346-5703 or george_pernsteiner@ous.edu to let him know what you think about what he is doing. — Laurie Nielsen, Phoenix

As I was westbound on Spring Street on a recent evening a boy on a bike came out of a driveway and, without looking, rode into my lane of traffic. It was only because I was very alert that I did not hit the boy.

This becomes more of a problem when garbage cans are set out, parked cars are left by the wayside, and grocery carts are left abandoned.

When two cars meet and someone is walking down the road dodging garbage cans and parked cars, someone trying to back out of a driveway is a recipe for disaster.

Unless the Housing Authority of Jackson County wants to undertake a major road project, including lighting with sidewalks, it will someday wind up with blood on its hands. It could even be a child. — Robert Casebier, Medford

I love the idea of using the goats from Coyote Trails Jefferson Nature Center for chomping down invasive species along Bear Creek. As a volunteer at Eastwood Cemetery, I would love to see the city of Medford use these goats at the cemetery to feast on the starthistle! — Rene Forncrook, Medford

To the person who anonymously bought me a veteran's hat at Walmart on July 4 in Eagle Point, and all Americans who care for veterans, I say from my heart, "It was my pleasure and honor to serve for you and your loved ones." — Daniel Zuchero, White City

For the past four years, and many more before that when I was at my former brokerage, I've set up American flags surrounding our Keller Williams office for patriotic holidays (Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, etc.) and never had an incident.

I cried on July 4 when I drove up to the office and found them pulled up, broken and trashed, all 200 of them. How anyone could be so disrespectful to our country is beyond me and how I was raised. — Stacey Boals, Eagle Point