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More power to Al Densmore and the City Council for scrutinizing the use of fireworks.

I celebrate the beginnings of this great country on the Fourth of July and by voting in each election. Several local venues have wonderful fireworks displays which are safe and responsible.

Fireworks that leave the ground are illegal. On the Fourth of July each year, rockets — beautiful, full-blown, high-end fireworks — explode in the air on both ends of our street. Sometimes they fly over our houses. One year the sizzling remnant of a rocket landed on our car a few feet away from a tree.

Fireworks are on display until 1 or 2 a.m. Our neighborhood sounds like a battle zone in the evenings beginning a week before the holiday through at least another week afterward. These celebratory nights are hard on families with babies, frightened pets, the elderly and people who work the next day. Afterwards, the streets are trashed. It lies in the streets waiting to be picked up by someone else. Police response is nil. I feel they are overwhelmed, which encourages future bad behavior.

So, please, let's have many more serious discussions about fireworks by the City Council. — Penny Keenan, Medford

I am writing in response to the scathing article on the front page of Monday's Mail Tribune regarding Dr. Shawn Sills. I worked for Dr. Sills for two years at IPC and feel he is a kind, compassionate, talented practitioner.

When he opened the IPC office, many of his patients and some staff members followed him to his new office because of the respect and confidence they had in him. He is the best employer I have ever had and he treats all his staff like family. I have trust in him, and would not hesitate referring family or friends to him.

Yes, he has had addiction issues in the past, but to my knowledge he has been clean and sober and fully compliant with the Oregon Medical Board in the years that I have known him. — Leah Taylor, RN, Medford

Jackson County should be ashamed of this year's fair. I took my 6-year-old son to the opening night — what a disappointment and rip-off! The prices for parking and entry are outrageous, and the vendors were quite limited opposed to years past.

The midway was considerably smaller, and food prices were higher. Rides and games were exorbitant; seriously, $4 per game on the midway and $4 per ride? What a disappointment. I will never attend the Jackson County Fair again; from now on it will be the Klamath fair — free parking, kids free entry and quality family entertainment. — Terry Green, Gold Hill