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The signs say "Wake Up, America." Well, my wide-open eyes are seeing plenty. They see the Republican presidential candidate courting the one percent at his $50,000-per-plate dinner. I see the 99 percent won't get crumbs, let alone cake.

I see Republicans pretending our huge deficit has nothing to do with their president taking us to war in Iraq without raising taxes. No other American president has been so fiscally irresponsible. I saw them using their majority in Congress to block banking controls under the same president, yet giving huge bailouts to banks in 2008. I see them stubbornly resist necessary, yet common-sense, regulation.

We see the same party attack a health care program that offers relief to the 99 percent, and also lowers medical costs. We watch as they ignore the two biggest threats to our continued existence: overpopulation and the resulting degradation of our environment.

Wake up, 99 percent! — Kathleen Heritage, Rogue River

I watched the video and have read the stories and comments made in the Dan Doty incident. I think that the kid should be held accountable for his actions; however, I think sometimes we are too fast to hang a criminal charge on teens that could affect them adversely for years to come for something that amounts to immaturity. That's why we call them kids.

I think in this instance he should be assigned to do some community service directly with the handicapped. He will learn more that way than by being dragged into court, etc.

According to the paper, his parents refused to let police talk to him in the investigation, so I further believe that the parents should be held responsible for interfering with a police investigation. If you want to hold the kid responsible for his actions, hold the parents responsible for theirs. By refusing to cooperate, they are basically telling that kid that what he has done is of no importance and that it's OK. — Pat Socia, Central Point

We all complain about politicians, but we're the ones who make our elections irrational. Don't blame politicians. They do what they do because they know how stupid we are.

Want to change things? Here's my recipe for a rational election. Ingredients:

1. Voters who think for themselves and who base their decisions entirely on the qualifications, specific positions and proposed solutions offered by the candidates. Note: voters who follow the herd, vote based on name recognition, slogans without substance or on endorsements will not yield a rational election. Solution: Rational voters must change election laws and encourage irrational voters to think for themselves.

2. A level playing field where all voters hear the words of each candidate equally. Note: adding more money for one candidate than the others will cause an unhelpful imbalance in the volume of words, unleveling the playing field.

The recipe for a rational election can only be achieved if the electorate majority vote against all candidates who use the present, irrational election recipe: more money than the opponents; warm and fuzzy buzz words without ever getting specific; endorsements, signs, buttons, bumper stickers; and, being deceitful, deceptive and dishonest. — Bruce Harrell, Ashland