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On July 26, Medford celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Telstar phone call with our sister city, Alba, Italy.

It was historic because it was one of the first phone calls using a satellite. It was a wonderful event. Attendees, including Mayor Wheeler, Brent Barry, president of the Medford Alba Sister City Association, and Doug Snider, Skyped with Alba's mayor, Maurizio Marello, Pino Dutto, the first "ambassador" from Alba to visit Medford, Giorgio Sordo, president of the Sister City Association in Alba, and our good friend and former mayor of Alba, Gianni Topino.

We spoke about the history of the phone call, the future of our friendship and the importance of Medford's relationship with Alba. The Medford Alba Sister City Association would like to thank those who made this event possible; specifically, Heidi Hill for coordinating the event and the Medford City Council members and mayor for attending and supporting our relationship. Grazie! — Brent Barry, Medford Alba Sister City Association

I am a Native American (Modoc). When I was in high school, I was an Illinois Valley Cougar and played football against the Rogue River Chieftains. I was not embarrassed or offended by their name.

In my past, I took a lot of ribbing about being an Indian. In the early '70s, there was an ad campaign to clean up the Earth. It featured an Indian with a single tear on his cheek. I took some ribbing over that one, but I feel the message and the result was worth it. All these years later, people are more aware of caring for the Earth, growing their own food and caring for others.

But have we gone a little too far with political correctness? Whatever happened to "sticks and stones" or "turn the other cheek"?

It will be a sad day if the Redskins are ever forced to change their name.

I want to thank the School Board (a government entity) for acting as Big Brother. They are telling us "do it our way or you will not receive the funding we collected from your brothers and sisters."

Maybe in the distant future when everyone is one color and one race, then maybe we will all get along. Oh, wait, there will still be too tall, too short, and too overweight. — John Decker, Central Point

The article regarding the Hayes family taking in all those children was great. Yes, we have many, many, many kids in this country waiting to go to good, loving homes. And you don't have to be a celebrity to adopt. Considering the personal interrogation of background, criminal checks and home assesments, the attitudes of the adoptive family are a very good thing. The Hayeses will make wonderful adoptive parents, and their own kids will make it all blend beautifully.

It would sure be nice if such a background check would be a must for those who just go out and breed at random. — Linda Schluter Teddler, Cave Junction

As the November election approaches, the political posturing can always be counted on to "set the record straight" even if it is biased and totally partisan. As followers of the MT's letters are aware, there is always a monthly diatribe on how the Republican Party is the primary cause of America's problems with no recommendations for improvement or mention of the failings of the Democratic Party and its president.

Therefore, it is not surprising that items such as the national debt, stimulus, unemployment, global apology tour and other failed programs have somehow escaped the vigilant political eyes of Michael Steely, Doug Snider, Lindsay Earl Paulk, Jeff Cheek and others. It will be interesting to see how the current White House national security leaks and the president's latest comments "if you have a successful business, you didn't build it, someone else did" are selectively filtered by the aforementioned correspondents. — John Mittendorf, Medford