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Walmart plans to sell genetically modified corn. If you are concerned about the fresh produce you and your family consume, check out the Medford Food Co-op. It has a beautiful selection of locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. And, on Saturday, Aug. 11, the co-op celebrates its one-year anniversary. Lots of activities are planned. Why not drop by 945 S. Riverside (across from Wendy's) and see all the co-op has to offer? — BJ Buxton, Medford

I was very disappointed in the damaging and one-sided article about Dr. Shawn Sills' recent board action. I work with Shawn, but more than that I consider him family.

I would like to tell you about the person he really is. Dr. Sills gives of himself for the betterment of others. He offered free services to financially struggling patients. He is also someone who received a large settlement from his previous business partners, and the first check written was to Love a Child, a Christian Humanitarian Organization that provides care to poor children in Haiti.

Dr. Sills is someone who donates time and resources to medical missions, local soup kitchens, and prays with those who are struggling. He graciously offered to loan money to me and my husband for in vitro fertilization when we were struggling with infertility. When we conceived, he was the man who threw us a baby shower with 100 of our closest friends and family.

I feel it is important for readers to understand that doctors are human and make mistakes just like the rest of us. I'm honored to work with him and enjoy watching him change the lives of his patients for the better every day. — Alison Boettcher, Medford

If approved by the people in the next election, the people will pay for new Hawthorne and Jackson public swimming pools with an increase in their property taxes. The operation and maintenance for the pools will be paid for through a proposed monthly 73-cent increase in utility fees. So, the costs associated with construction, operation and maintenance for the two pools is to be paid for through local residential taxes and utility fees. A synonym for tax is fee. Tax = toll = fee.

An adult resident will be charged a $5 fee to go swimming. Children will be charged a lesser fee. These are called usage fees. Isn't that just another tax, called a fee, for one to use what one has already paid for? Is that not double taxation?

Regardless of what the fee is called, local residents will be charged to use swimming pools for which they have already paid. In essence, it is the same as a homeowner charging himself a $5 usage fee to swim in his own backyard swimming pool. The only difference is who ends up with the money collected. — Randall Hale, Medford

Once again we're beating the war drums toward a small nation. This time it's Syria.

Obama needs a distraction and a victory between now and November. He'll no doubt receive support from the fools who still think that we once saved ourselves from a European army that couldn't get across the English Channel, but will Russia and China let him have his way?

After watching him destroy the Libyan government and seeing it get replaced by something far worse, I hope that he doesn't get his way.

Obama and Clinton call their effort "foreign diplomacy." I call it by other names. — Ron Smith, Medford