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What Ron Bjork of the Jackson County Farm Bureau really means is that Monsanto will mount a vigorous campaign to continue to GMO contaminate organic and conventional farming in Jackson County. Monsanto is the single largest political contributor to the Farm Bureau. — Michael Framson, Medford

We have a $16 trillion deficit, snookered in trade with China, more regulation on financial markets, new taxes on health care and threatened taxes on entrepreneurs, negotiations with the Russians to shrink our defenses, threatening discussions with Israel to not support an attack on Iran, imperial presidential amnesty for 800,000 illegals, dangerous environmental federal education training de-emphasizing American history, national health care, insolvency for Social Security/Medicare, destruction of oil and coal industries and the promotion of same-gender marriages.

In 1765 there stirred the beginnings of the greatest revolution in history for a penny stamp act. Where is the outrage? From whence cometh the patriots? Who are the statesmen? Who will save the republic? The Constitutional Convention was about small, limited government.

Patrick Henry said liberty or death. Today we say iPhone or iPad. I will be voting for the successful rich businessman over the unsuccessful politician. Vote hope and change. — Joel Marks, Medford

Why do we think a president controls the economy? Pundits say if the economy improves, President Obama wins, and if it gets worse, Romney wins. Is it not possible or probable that much of the economic up-and-down is due to many factors, known and unknown, other than presidential acts?

Why not look at what a president actually does? Dominating the news, Obama has used stimulus, bailouts and exemptions; hardly new policies. So much for "change!" With much less publicity, his agencies and czars have issued rules without public scrutiny, some that might be environmentally justified but mostly burying small businesses and small farms deeper under big government dominance, leaving them less able to make a profit, and seldom job-creating — again, hardly a new policy. So much for "hope!"

Somewhat new are bold moves toward utopian big government, bypassing a cowardly Congress with ever-increasing presidential power. Neither party seems to notice. ­— Ira Edwards, Medford

Take off your kid gloves, Mitt. You are in the 13th round of a 15-round fight. When your opponent is the dirtiest fighter to enter the ring, it's do or die! You are fighting not for honor but for your life.

You have been hit below the belt so many times. It's time to fight on his terms, no holds barred. Use his own dirty tricks against him. This is war. Disregard his rude punks in his corner who boo when you get in a good punch. You have more than a million fans rooting for you to win the fight.

Please take my advice. Keep hitting him until he is knocked out. There are just two more rounds to go. We are counting on you. All our lives depend on you to be the victor. God bless! — John L. Ogle, Grants Pass