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The election in November is one of the most important ones we've had.

Many of our leaders think we're stupid and that they need to do our thinking for us in matters such as redistribution of the wealth (47 percent of the people are supported by 53 percent); allowing the Fed to print unbacked money; allowing the government to spend one-third more than they receive in taxes; telling us inflation is 2.3 percent when it's actually 9.8 percent; letting us believe we need to be in Afghanistan (11 years of bleeding us of blood, money and precious lives); thinking they can print, borrow and spend our nation out of the mess we're in and back to prosperity (totally nuts). We need to vote out of office people with this crazy mentality or our nation will be history. — Gordon DeVos, Medford

Critics of President Obama's leadership style — calm assertiveness — reveal their inability to grasp complexities and nuances that defy simplistic narratives. The absence of pomposity and swagger, pretensions critics confuse with leadership, confounds them.

Unlike his vacuous, bluster-prone predecessor, Obama is measured and thoughtful. He carefully analyzes arguments, weighs the facts presented and offers pragmatic policy solutions — only to face GOP obstructionism.

Yet despite partisan impediments, progress continues under Obama's solid leadership. He has steered us through crisis after crisis and put this country in good stead for future growth and prosperity.

And Obama's depth of character is palpable. By contrast, Romney mirrors his shell corporation in Bermuda and personifies corporate greed. To ensure that this country moves forward in ways that benefit all Americans, not just a select few, Obama needs and deserves to serve another term. — Marie Arvette, Medford

I'm concerned with the Jordan Cove Liquefaction and Pacific Connection Pipeline projects.

This is a three-foot diameter pipeline going through Southern Oregon from Coos Bay to Klamath Falls. This insane project will cover 6,217 acres. The gas line will be underground and under rivers in Southern Oregon. It is going under the Rogue River at Trail, with a pump station running 24 hours a day sounding like a jet engine.

They are going to try to take the land by eminent domain, but in reality this massive project does nothing for Oregon; it benefits only the oil companies. We know what a great reputation they have for safety.

This is an export project. They will be selling our natural gas to the country that pays the most.

Please attend the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30, at the Medford School District Education Center Auditorium, 815 S. Oakdale Ave., and listen to the lies. — Rich Royen, Trail

Just curious. On page 8A, business section of the Tuesday edition (Aug. 21), "Schmidt Family Wins Multiple Top Honors at WOW," the story neglected to mention that Pebblestone Cellars was also awarded five medals at World of Wine. The article names only three wineries producing five medal winners, but Pebblestone should be added to this list.

Pebblestone won two double golds, one gold and two silver medals in the WOW judging. Also, for the record, the judges, not the organizers, awarded the medals.

Hopefully, Pebblestone will receive acknowledgement in a future article regarding WOW. — Gail Brekke, Medford

"Resident crime patrol considered for Illinois Valley" (Saturday, Aug. 18) mentioned "a man wearing a six-shooter to rid the hamlet of crime."

Consider LaPine in Deschutes County back in the 1970s. An elderly gent packed a Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum six-gun confronting local hoodlums. Even today in rural Southern Oregon and Northern California, the historic six-shooter remains in vogue to preserve domestic tranquility and homeland security.

Possibly some local nimrod still packs an old-fashioned single-action, Western-style revolver. If so, be forewarned! Nineteenth century Western frontiersmen, including Cowboy Action Shooters, always loaded five rounds in their six-guns with a hammer resting on an empty chamber. This is the only sane way to load, carry and shoot a Colt, Colt clone (Cimarron, Uberti), or pre-1973 Ruger .357 Blackhawk or .22 single six revolver. Recently while visiting Curry County and Gold Beach, I examined a beautiful 1972 vintage .45-caliber Colt Single Action (New Frontier) revolver. It, too, was kept loaded with five rounds and an empty sixth chamber.

For more on this, Google "Shooting Colt's Single Action Army Revolver Movie" by Mike Biliveau and "The Colt Model of 1873 Single Action Army by Midway USA." — James Farmer, Ashland