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Hooray for the recent decision of the Butte Falls BLM Resource Area manager to produce over 6 million board feet of commercial timber for local mills through restoration forestry that will protect irreplaceable old-growth trees!

Will someone please send the memo to the BLM's Ashland Resource Area that continues to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by including old-growth logging and new road construction in its controversial timber sales? — George Sexton, conservation director, KS Wild, Ashland

I understand that Sandra Fluke will speak at the Democratic convention regarding how the rest of us should pay for her contraception. When Bill Clinton speaks he should comment on what his idea of contraception was when he was in the Oval Office. — Carl R. Miller, Medford

I am concerned about the goings-on in Phoenix by an out-of-control City Council.

Regarding the November election, why am I not surprised to find out that both Stan and Carolyn Bartell are wanting to run again? So is Chris Luz, the Bartells' previous campaign manager.

Voters in Phoenix: Stan Bartell and Chris Luz resigned (in lieu of investigations) their previous council positions on alleged ethics charges. Mrs. Bartell and Luz asked for the charges to be dropped against Stan Bartell. When that didn't work, Carolyn Bartell resigned in protest to her husband Stan's resignation.

Now they want back in for a second run at control of a city that is desperate for leaders with the city as the priority. The three have cost the city more than $100,000.00 to avoid lawsuits. Can we afford them again? — Paula York, Phoenix

Moviegoers who may be considering plunking down their hard-earned $7 to see "2016: Obama's America" may wish to have a look at Andy Webster's review of the film on the New York Times' Movies web page first.

The film is basically a piece of anti-Obama rubbish, and probably should be treated as such by discerning filmgoers. (Personally, I would recommend seeing the double bill of "Moonrise Kingdom" and "To Rome With Love". — Gregory Avery, Medford

"The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer."

The pre-supposition is that something unfair or unjust has happened — been perpetrated by our our free-enterprise system, that our capitalist economic system doesn't work anymore. It's disgusting that this story has been controlled by the politicians and the media for so long.

It's frustrating that few people question the data — what has caused the changes — and as a result, few have a clue as to what needs to be done to increase the lower half's income. And Obama makes things worse by blaming industry and giving justification for everyone's developing anger and resentment bordering on moral outrage because they are told they were somehow cheated, injured by some imaginary evil forces.

This is a bad brew. Large class divisions, large racial divisions and political leaders pointing fingers at who created this injustice, this economic mistreatment of blacks, Hispanics, women and poor people, especially the poor youths. And the public workers unions are backing these politicians' play. "We may be like pine trees, already dead but we've not yet turned brown." — Robert Doyal, Medford

Regarding the article and photo in Saturday's Mail Tribune about Eastwood Cemetery and the Showalters, the photo is a bit misleading. Right now about half of the cemetery has been mowed by ourselves and other volunteers.

We have volunteered for 31/2 years at Eastwood Cemetery doing various projects including mowing. With the city's approval, one volunteer couple has planted and maintained at least six wildflower beds, three of us have planted four test plots with covar sheep fescue in an attempt to choke out the star thistle and we always take care to preserve any native plants.

With the limited budget for the cemetery we feel the volunteers and city are doing a great job in respecting this historic cemetery. — Rene & Lane Forncrook, Medford