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U.S. voters are the board of directors of U.S.A. Inc. The president is the CEO and was given a four-year contract. His objective: turn the company around!

His contract is up for renewal. Did the CEO achieve his contract objective? If not, the board must make a change.

Forget the rhetoric; look at the numbers: economic growth, underemployment rate, labor force participation rate, gas prices, national debt/annual deficit, welfare and food stamp recipients, median household income, food costs, net job loss, etc. All of the numbers are trending the wrong direction.

No budget in three to four years, promise of transparency a farce, anemic economic growth. Would you allow this CEO to control your personal economic plan?

U.S.A. Inc. is heading for bankruptcy. What do the numbers say? Don't vote the same way and expect different results. This is your last chance; save U.S.A. Inc. — Gary Endicott, Shady Cove

Why does Medford need new swimming pools? Swimming pools provide wholesome activities for people of all ages. Access to year-round pools provides opportunities for swim lessons, senior fitness programs and jobs for teens and others. Pools are located in parts of town which are least likely to have private pools.

My children learned to be safe in the water and to have a chance to cool off when the temperatures were over 100 degrees in Hawthorne Pool; since our home was not air conditioned, we went to family swim.

Those who say that Medford has other needs which are higher priority are all wet! It is time to vote yes to Measure 15-115; for less than a dollar a week for most households we can keep Medford a more livable city. Let's fund something positive for Medford citizens. — Gayle Clason, Medford

I would like to support Judge Benjamin Bloom for Circuit Court judge.

I have known Judge Bloom for many years when he served as a board member for the American Red Cross in Southern Oregon. At that time, I was the executive director and worked closely with Ben. During his time on the board, Ben played a key leadership role in leading the local Red Cross chapter through important decisions regarding expanding the chapter's jurisdiction. Ben was always thoughtful, informed and respectful of all opinions.

Part of the fundamental principles of the Red Cross is to be impartial. Ben exemplified this principle as a board member and continues this in his position as a Circuit Court judge. He is a man of integrity and always conducts himself with high professional standards. Please join me in voting for Judge Bloom. — Marj Jameson, Medford