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I urge the citizens in Ward 1 to vote for Dick Gordon for City Council.

Dick is knowledgeable of public affairs and has many years of business experience, but of equal importance, he examines the issues based on the information available and makes careful, studied decisions. Dick Gordon is the stable, steady person we need on Medford's City Council. — William A. Mansfield, Medford

Ben Bloom is an honorable family man who brings to the bench a fair, objective and knowledgeable approach.

He has the respect of fellow judges, trial attorneys and those who appear before him in court. He has been doing an excellent job and there is no reason to change.

Vote for experience. We highly endorse Judge Ben Bloom for Jackson County circuit judge. — Gene and Sandy Abell, Medford

Jeff Bellah is qualified and ready to lead. As a city councilman and budget committee member, Jeff has put into practice his campaign pledge to "live within our means by having truly balanced budgets without relying on loans, fees and other subsidies."

Jeff insisted on not spending more than we take in. What a refreshing change for Phoenix. Jeff is dedicated, intelligent insightful and caring. He quickly identifies problems and is open to effective, creative solutions. He doesn't waste time and gets the job done!

Please see your voter pamphlet to learn more about Jeff Bellah. — Chris Luz, Phoenix

Greg Lemhouse is the best choice for Ashland City Council Position 3.

I have watched Greg at work in Rotary, the Ashland Food Bank, the City Council and many other volunteer positions. When I think about Greg, two words come to mind: intelligent and committed. What a concept: to have an intelligent, committed person making key decisions for our city. It's a no-brainer. Vote for Greg. — Jerry Kenefick, Ashland

I urge a yes vote for the Medford swimming pools bond measure. The numerous benefits to Medford youth, the swim teams, seniors and others have previously been well documented. The improvements to Hawthorne Park, anchored by the new year-round pool, have not.

MURA funds have been obligated and the architectural drawings have been completed. The new pool and the other important improvements to Hawthorne Park will return this park jewel to the rightful users. Additionally, there will be a significant economic benefit to Medford businesses when the new year-round, 50-meter competitive facility begins hosting swim meets.

Hotels, restaurants and retail outlets will benefit from the families that will travel to Medford and spend money. And fees collected from those swim meets will also help pay for pool expenses. Vote yes for kids, vote yes for Medford. — Frank Hoeper, Swim Medford PAC, Medford

Keith Haxton has my vote for Ashland City Council. I'm impressed with Keith's efforts to represent all Ashland residents. You may well meet him at your door asking about your ideas and concerns.

Keith is committed to representing the grass roots of Ashland. I appreciate his outreach and sensitivity to our struggling wage earners and fixed-income residents. Our basic cost of living is rising swiftly. The City Council will continue to make difficult budget decisions and it is my belief that Keith will thoughtfully represent widespread concerns and thoughtfully advance fair solutions.

Please take a look at his website, www.haxton2012.com, and get to know him. Keith will help bring balance and appropriate diversity to our City Council. — Ruth Coulthard, Ashland

This letter is one of support for Regina Ayars. Regina and I moved to Ashland just 10 years ago. Over these many years I have observed her boundless energy to build meaningful community that is based on her personal commitment to honesty and integrity. These qualities are what we need in our city government. Regina will bring both honesty and integrity to the Ashland City Council. — Sarah Seybold, Ashland

County commissioner candidate Jeff Scroggin exemplifies the type of leader our county needs to prosper.

Jeff's proven integrity and leadership support his determination to solve problems facing the county with honest nonpartisanship and disciplined reason. Jeff's proposals promote local authority and opportunity, and will help our county continue growth and development on a balanced, well-coordinated path. His strong support for education and expanding business opportunities through coordination and infrastructure investment will help build the foundation for Jackson County's long-term prosperity.

I honor Jeff's military service, and welcome his integrity, dedication and leadership for our county. For a future of well-reasoned solutions for growth, I'm voting Jeff Scroggin for county commissioner. — Ryan Pederson, Talent

Guy Bishop claims that Jackson County Fire District 5 has been "doing more with less" (Oct. 9).

His idea of "less" doesn't match facts. We have one of the highest tax rates in Oregon. More with less?

The cost per call is higher than neighboring districts. Firefighters average about $125,000 a year with benefits.

District 5 sent out 6,000 glossy fliers with tax money, calling it a "newsletter," a blatant attempt to influence the election. The chief spent $2,700 for fire suits at $100 apiece.

More with less?

Purchase equipment through the existing budget. Rein in expenses, hold steady with the fat raises handed out. The money is there.

Vote no. — Bill Robertson, Ashland