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Recently, Jeff Scroggin has received several bipartisan endorsements. This is a testament to his belief that the way to work toward a better economic future for the people of Jackson County lies in members of both parties working together.

With the experience of the current two commissioners along with the legislative background and fresh perspective of Jeff Scroggin, the county will be in good hands. Jeff's work ethic, passion, enthusiasm, proven leadership in the military and desire to work with his counterparts in a nonpartisan manner will prove to be valuable to the residents of Jackson County.

Vote for this outstanding young man who will work tirelessly for all of us. — Sandra Peat, Medford

What a brouhaha Jackson County Commissioner Don Skundrick created when he had the audacity to act as an independent thinker and support commissioner candidate Jeff Scroggin. But this is just the type of "thinking on his own," rather than what the party line says he must think, that makes me admire Skundrick even more.

In this day of intense partisanship from both parties, and when the term "moderate" has become almost a curse word, it is encouraging to see someone act on his own. While Skundrick is being castigated from his own party for "ignoring voters," and "being unorthodox," I would suggest he has done just the opposite. Like he did in his long business career and on the many nonprofit boards he served before becoming a Jackson County commissioner, he has been honest, forthright and transparent. In this dismal election cycle, Don Skundrick is a ray of hope. — Mike McClain, Jacksonville

Please join me in voting for Judge Ben Bloom. Judicial experience and competence matter. Judge Bloom has proven his ability as a trial judge. He is a highly regarded and well-respected judge. Let's keep him on the bench. — Allen G. Drescher, attorney at law, Ashland

Once again our local politicians want us to forget that they did very little the past four years, so give them four more.

Who allowed Hawthorne to deteriorate? Was anyone held accountable? Councilman Michaels protested the feeding of poor people in the park — he said they were feeding the wrong kind of people (hungry). Chris Corcoran likes the sound of his voice but says very little. Strosser just likes to feel like he's in charge. Where were they when the library was in trouble?

Hooray, they are now in charge of Urban Renewal — another pot of money to give Lithia. When did they figure out their slush fund was our water bill? I asked my councilman if we were being reimbursed each time we send the Medford Police to adjoining towns to do their police work, and his answer was he didn't know. Who should? — Keith Van Horn, Medford

I support Kate Brown for re-election as Oregon secretary of state. She has brought innovation and efficiency to her office.

The audits division saves $64 for every dollar invested. When Brown took office, it was $8 for each dollar invested. Also, the corporate division makes it easy for businesses to access loans and licensing.

Thanks to Brown, Oregon has the best elections division in the nation. Our mail-in ballots are easy to use and responsibly timed for voter receipt. Voter fraud has not been an issue in Oregon and neither has election fraud. This is attributable to both voter and system integrity, for which Brown provides expert oversight.

Kate's opponent lists "election reform" as one of his top priorities. Considering his party's shenanigans lately, could he actually mean "voter suppression?"

Let's stick with Kate Brown for credible, honest elections. Check her website at www.katebrownfororegon.com. — Pamela Lucas, Ashland

Jamie Hazlett's letter confirms what a number of individuals have told me, that David Orr's 2008 contribution to my judicial campaign is being used against David as he runs for judge.

When I ran for judge back in 2008, all three campaigns raised money from friends, family and attorneys. That was the nature of that race. David's contribution, I believe, was the result of our friendship. David spent innumerable hours helping me with my campaign. I would have been surprised had he not made a monetary contribution as well.

I personally don't have a problem with judicial campaigns raising money from other attorneys, law firms or anyone else. That was my choice in 2008. That said, having gone through the process, I think it's admirable that David is refusing to take contributions from attorneys or anyone else. It's a hard road to take and he deserves credit for doing so. — John Norton, Medford

The National Wildlife Federation offered Romney and Obama the opportunity to answer questions on key conservation issues to be published unedited in the October issue of National Wildlife. Obama responded, but Romney's campaign declined to answer! Romney's website revealed nothing specific on conservation or wildlife. However, NWF published verbatim Romney's website positions on energy and environmental reforms.

Obama offered detailed answers to the questions. As a lifelong hunter, angler and bird watcher, I was delighted with the president's stated commitment to investing in wildlife protection, clean air and water, all of which contribute many jobs and tax revenues. Romney's positions on energy and environment stunned me by his call to severely limit controls on fossil fuel extraction, remove any limits on carbon dioxide emissions, and super fast-track nuclear power at the expense of solar and wind. Romney virtually ignores the challenges of climate change! — Don Morris, Ashland

Hooray for Commissioner Don Skundrick supporting Jeff Scroggin, a Democrat of all things, for county commissioner!

As a lifelong Democrat, I have sometimes succumbed to voting along party lines, and Commissioner Skundrick has reminded me that we need to vote for whoever we think will do the best job — regardless of which party they are affiliated with.

In the Oct. 18 letters to the editor, William D. Christie Jr. finds it "hard to comprehend how a self-professed Republican could endorse a liberal (obviously all Democrats are liberals!) over a fellow Republican." It seems to me that this is precisely the kind of thinking that has caused the general mess we are in today, with most Republicans and Democrats voting along party lines, irrespective of who will do the best job if elected. This divisive way of thinking usually leads to nothing getting done for the good of the people! — Tom Dew, Medford

I would like to ask that you vote for Dick Gordon for City Council Ward 1. Dick has been my friend and neighbor for years. Dick is a hard-working advocate for Medford and its citizens. Dick has lived most of his life in the valley; he has gone to school here; he has raised his family here, he has seen Medford change and he is working hard to see that local parks and other resources are improved and wisely utilized.

There is no hidden agenda, no cronyism with Dick. He is simply a hard-working concerned citizen trying to improve and nurture his hometown. I will vote for Dick Gordon and hope you do as well. — Gary Spafford, Medford

In "Commission Collision" (Oct. 15), candidate Doug Breidenthal wrote of maintaining basic constitutional freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Perhaps I am nitpicking, but "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" is from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. I have met Jeff Scroggin and I am certain he can discern the difference between the two documents.

In leadership, details matter. I will vote Jeff Scroggin for county commissioner. — Derek Volkart, Talent

Forty years ago, my first full-time job was at an unemployment office in Ohio, and I worked through three recessions.

Recessions have a devastating effect. People can lose everything, including a sense of self-worth. Tragically, those recessions were only the beginning.

Irresponsible corporations abandoned this country. They moved south, then across borders, profiting from virtual slave labor in China. American workers now compete with workers who live in barracks, jump out of windows or riot in despair.

After Bush bailed out the banks and enacted TARP, it was up to President Obama to clean up the mess, fight two wars while the Republicans in Congress stated their determination to make him fail while they blocked economic programs.

This recession can't be undone in a few years, and isn't of President Obama's making. I urge voters, remember the past, but move forward with Obama, not backward to Bush exploits or "he-who-must-not-be-named." — Joyce A. Woods, Ashland

Integrity and honor is unknown to most politicians, but Medford is fortunate to have Dick Gordon on the City Council. I have worked for and with him for almost 35 years. He has never wavered from the above. He deserves your support. — Albert R. Workman, Central Point

I have to wonder what Curt Ankerberg was thinking when he said he would build two pools for $4 million. My first thought is prevailing wage, and what that means to a governmental project. I don't believe The Commons "created the severe parking shortage problem," it was there to begin with and needs to be addressed.

One reason he opposes the casino is because the jobs aren't "high paying." Not many jobs in this valley are high paying. He will "use the $12 million in the MURA funds to complete the Evergreen/Bella Vita project and build a new fire station?" Urban renewal money must be repaid.

Cut, cut, cut on the pools and spend, spend, spend on the MURA end. Inflammatory words he used such as corrupt, cannibalize, slush fund and gross mismanagement, give me pause. I am voting for Dick Gordon, who I believe will think things through first. — Jan Garcia, Medford

I am writing to encourage all voters in the upcoming election to vote for Ben Bloom for circuit judge.

Judge Bloom, before he was appointed to the bench by the governor, earned the respect and admiration of his fellow lawyers. During his time on the bench, he has proven the wisdom of the governor's appointment and the reason for the high regard in which he was held by his fellow members of the bar.

Judge Bloom has demonstrated a high level of intelligence and a firm grasp of the practical application of the law. Please cast your vote for Judge Bloom. — Robert H. Grant, Medford

Regarding Obama and us, please apply the adage, fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. — Leroy F. Moore, Eagle Point