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Why won't the School Board allow the superintendent to charge for facilities use in all instances? Custodians, heat/AC and restocking supplies cost money. One high school uses its facility and another high school at the same time, doubling costs of upkeep. Use charges should at least cover costs to the district.

Ms. Yesquen repeatedly votes against this concept. All aspects of the budget should be reviewed, not just salaries. It's a bad business model. — Jan Garcia, Medford

Let's put some of the responsibility for keeping guns from the wrong people on those who so adamantly claim Second Amendment rights.

Require all gun owners to have gun safes with combination locks and enough space to secure their guns and ammunition, especially military-style semiautomatics and handguns. Gun owners could be allowed one or maybe two guns to be kept out of the safe for protection.

It should be a crime for any gun owner to allow their unsecured gun(s) to be used for a homicide. This law may not stop all gun crimes, but it would greatly reduce them and it would not impinge on Second Amendment rights.

I believe that such a regulation would be more effective and less costly than placing armed guards in schools, theaters and other vulnerable venues. Many killers such as those at Sandy Hook and Oregon's Thurston High School could not have carried out their tragic deeds had those guns been secured. It's time for those who exercise Second Amendment rights to take some responsibility. — John Bigelow, Talent

We the people of Southern Oregon believe that ours is a moral nation. All of us agree that we need a strong national defense and that our veterans need to have the best care when they return.

Unfortunately the size, configuration and worldwide deployment of our armed forces suggest an intention quite different from defense. Now is the time for the Pentagon budget to be cut.

Our country is weary of unnecessary wars and we need to change direction. We need to create a military that is a defensive force that protects U.S. interests abroad through intelligence gathering and diplomacy. Military spending creates jobs, but not as many jobs as the same amount spent on other public programs such as health care, education or infrastructure repair.

Last fiscal year, Jackson County paid $210 million to support the Pentagon. If we had kept 20 percent of that money we could have hired 766 more elementary teachers or provided Head Start for more than 7,000 children. It is time to choose whether we the people define national security in terms of military might or in terms of a society that offers a good life for all its members. — Bev DeLeonardis, Central Point

I got a phone call from a supposed "granddaughter" who was in a New York jail. She said she had a bad cold and was picked up driving — she drank too much cold medicine — and wanted bail money. I played along with her, never giving the caller my granddaughter's name. I even called her "attorney," but didn't give any name, just that my granddaughter was in jail. I knew where my granddaughters are so for sure this was phony.

A friend of my wife got the same call from a "granddaughter" in jail with a bad cold in trouble from drinking too much cough medicine. The lady told her to eat lots of chicken soup and get lots of rest. That's pretty clever and quick thinking; I had to laugh at her comeback. — Richard Golphenee, Medford