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It was encouraging to see so many young conservatives given center stage at CPAC 2013. They were represented by age (some very young) and race (white, black, Latino, Asian). Now, if the old guard will kindly step aside, the GOP still has a role to play in politics.

It was from 88-year-old Phyllis Schlafly, a staunch conservative, that we heard why it's important to not give up on social issues. She rightly pointed out that our fiscal mess began when we started taking care of those who had made bad choices and needed help.

When people don't take care of their health, they look to government. When the nuclear families break down, government steps in. When promiscuity runs rampant and there are consequences, government comes to the rescue. Hence, that's where many tax dollars go today.

Social issues are important if we are ever going to rein in our fiscal problems. They go together like "love and marriage." There's no getting around that fact. According to this CPAC crowd, the "Y" generation does not want to put aside the abortion issue. Faith in God is an integral belief for them. There's hope for America after all. — Willa Johnson, Phoenix

I just finished the article about Prospect School's bullying problem. One parent has said she thought the school should be shut down.

Don't shut the school down, shut down the bullying. If the problem is teachers or students, take care of that problem. Surely the students who are involved in the cyber-bullying have parents who should be watching what their child is doing on the Internet.

If it is staff, then remove that staff person. I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Prospect and in the grade and high schools. I am still friends with the students I went to school with. We "old-timers" will all say this was a wonderful time growing up in Prospect.

The community needs the school. I understand it may be hard to get qualified teachers since Prospect is some miles from shopping, but maybe some would think about living in the community. Maybe a short-term contract would be best to see if the staff member was a good fit for Prospect.

I have always felt a connection to Prospect as my parents lived there until they passed away. I still know folks who live there. I still have my and my husband's letterman sweaters. Go Cougars! — Rose Draper, Eagle Point

Sen. Alan Bates has proposed Senate Bill 401 to the Oregon State Senate. SB 401 would make "Scenic Waterways"' of 37 major rivers and creeks in Oregon. Portions of or all of the Applegate River, Little Applegate River, Rogue River, Umpqua River, Illinois River and many more.

Creating "Scenic Easements" which take in property one-quarter-mile each side of the waterway. A quote from SB401 says: " 'Scenic Easement' means the right to control the use of related adjacent land including airspace above such land, for the purpose of protecting the scenic view from waters within a scenic waterway; but such control does not affect, without the owner's consent, any regular use exercised prior to the acquisition of the easement, and the landowner retains the right to uses of the land not specifically resticted by the easement."

The phrase "right to control" used in SB 401 sounds like government control of our private property! — Ken Harnack, Medford