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Another front-page article urging gun control legislation. By including victims of shootings, the inference is that if one is in opposition that they must be uncaring. Not so at all. Criminals and psychopaths will always find means to their ends.

Instead, ban scalpels; they've been used to brutally end the lives of more than 56 million unborn, defenseless humans since Roe v. Wade. That pathetic, cowardly act is sickening and more barbaric than most crimes. — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

In the antiseptic world of Paul Greenberg et al., there is no room to consider the unimaginable circumstances some women find themselves in.

Greenberg writes that a human is a human at conception. Others have written that there is no difference between the murders of children at Sandy Hook and aborted fetuses. They should consider this experiment by researchers attempting to create human embryos for stem-cell harvesting through cloning:

"Researchers began the experiment with skin cells that were provided by two male volunteers. Three female volunteers undergoing fertility treatments provided the eggs. To create the cloned human embryo, researchers use somatic nuclear transfer, which involved removing the DNA from the egg and then introducing the DNA from a skin cell by combining the two. They created 21 embryos."

If these embryos are deemed human beings with the same rights as anyone living, some might say these researchers committed 21 murders. That they should spend their lives in prison because they were creating cells to grow replacement parts for damaged organs — saving the lives of real, breathing humans — is absurd. Luckily, most of us seem to know the difference between potential and actual — and that there is a world in between. — Diane Barnes, Talent

I would think it would be really embarrassing to all involved, from the City Council to the School Board, to have a softball team like we have at North Medford High School and have a scoreboard as bad as what they have at the field.

I was at a game and North was playing Glencoe. We even have a reputation as the meth capital of Oregon from what one of the Glencoe spectators told me. Aren't we a proud bunch? A goofy scoreboard for a championship softball team and a drug capital. — Rich Golphenee, Medford

I was deeply disturbed to read in your March 21 article, "Seeds of Controversy," that Bob Crouse of Fort Vannoy Farm in Grants Pass will be planting 150 acres in GMO corn this year.

I'm sure he's aware that many of us will be avoiding his corn maze and fall activities for that reason. He will also be at risk of violating the food freedoms of his neighbors, potentially contaminating their crops with unwanted genetically modified pollen, which can travel many miles on the wind. GMOs cannot be kept on one's own property.

GMOs are already banned in many other countries. Why do we not care about the health of our children and ourselves as much as they do? I ask all of us in both Josephine and Jackson counties to support upcoming bans on agricultural GMOs in our counties and to tell our state senators what we think of SB 633, a bill to ban local choice making about GMO agriculture in our counties. Let's make our own choices about what we eat and grow! — Jenny Van Winkle, Williams