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Letters to the Editor

It seems to me that President Obama owes President Putin a big "Thank You" for giving him a way out of the Syrian mess. — Kenn Sorgatz, Talent

I am writing in support of Matt Witt's timely guest opinion in the Sept. 22 MT regarding marriage equality. His reasoning is flawless. Marriage equality is all about individual liberty and personal freedom. It is also about basic fairness.

In states such as Oregon that do not recognize same-sex marriage, same-sex couples are discriminated against because they cannot receive the same federal benefits that other married couples enjoy. The recent Supreme Court decision recognizes that same-sex couples married in states that do recognize same-sex marriage must receive the same federal benefits available to all married couples.

Oregon needs to move ahead and recognize that same-sex couples deserve the same freedoms, rights and responsibilities given to the rest of us. It's all about basic fairness and individual freedom.

At the Medford Congregational UCC Church here in Medford, our Just Peace Ministry team is working hard to collect signatures for an initiative and we will be campaigning for the passage of the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Act in the coming year. We are an open and affirming congregation that is inclusive and welcomes all in the full life of the church.

We hope you will join us in bringing marriage equality to Oregon. — Peter Ware, Talent

You recently chastised the GOP in your op-ed for wanting to shut down the government to defund Obamacare. If the Obamacare bill is so important, why does the House and Senate want out of it for them and their staff? Why has Obama given so many "outs" for his friends and supporters? The Democrats voted to pass this bill onto the American people, without even reading it. Now it is costing us jobs!

What is most important to you, saving a legacy for your favorite president or supporting jobs, good health care and people in general? One of the largest drivers of health care costs is the continual building by hospitals, and their desire to fully control all health care and the people who work in this service field. Does anyone truly believe that a two-day stay in ICU should cost over $50,000?

Please, let's think before we chastise an opposing group's view! — Phil Stephens, Grants Pass

To the kind lady who called from the area of the Apostolic Faith Church on Jackson Street to inform me that my border collie Wally escaped: many thanks! — S. Six, Medford