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It is with much regret that we have decided to cancel the 2013 Darkwing Manor Charity Haunted House. Since we both have had significant health issues this year, taking off 2013 will allow us to heal and regain our strength; therefore, we can make the 2014 production the best ever. Until then, have fun at the Circus of Screams Haunted House in Eagle Point, the Titans of Terror Haunted House at the Randall Theatre and other local haunts in the area as noted in the Mail Tribune (and on their website).

Hope to see you at Darkwing Manor for a scary good time in 2014. — Tim and Tina Reuwsaat, Medford

The Friends of Jacksonville's Historic Cemetery and the Boosters Club thank everyone who attended this year's Meet the Pioneers Program on Oct. 11-12. This annual event would not be possible without the participation of all our wonderful and dedicated volunteers.

A special thank you to the following businesses and organizations for their continued support of this event: Jacksonville Chamber and Visitor Center, Jacksonville Review, City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville's Pioneer Village, First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, SOHS, RVGL, Climate Control Mini Storage, OSF Costume Rental, Renaissance Rose, the Fourth Wednesday String Band, the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers and the Mail Tribune Tempo. Thank you to the following individuals: Sharon Wesner-Becker, Bill and Debbie Miller, Cammy Davis, Clara Wendt, Ron Moore and our cemetery neighbors.

We sincerely appreciate our loyal audience, volunteers and supporters for making this program so successful. — Dirk J. Siedlecki, President FOJHC

I applaud Greg Walden. I also applaud the tea party.

The meme from you and others is that the tea party is extreme. You've never been to a tea party rally or listened to their platform. (One nutbag with a Confederate flag is not the tea party.)

What is extreme about wanting elected officials to be responsible with the money we send them? What is extreme about not wanting to leave the next generation with crippling debt? What is extreme about not wanting the government involved in health care? I personally think it is extreme that the health care law was shoved through when there was never a majority of citizens behind it. Never. And I think it's extreme that we have a president who lied to us continually about the law, and still does, doing his level best to pit citizen against citizen and to belittle and mock anyone who dares disagree. I also think it's extreme when a president of all the people played golf as veterans were shut out of memorials, had no problem with the park service being told to make things as painful as possible for people, and then did his level best to cause panic by warning of default while showing absolutely no leadership in a difficult situation. — Janice Cantore, Eagle Point

A letter in the Mail Tribune on Oct. 11 by Penny Fitzsimmons, "Shameful shutdown," hit the nail on the head. All political incumbents need to be voted out. Anyone can do what they are not doing! Question: Why did politicians leave their exercise room open, but the parks were closed to people who use them for exercise?

Vote them all out! — Bob Ford, Ashland